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Should Rutgers Football Have A Trophy Game?

If so, who should it be against and why?

Ohio State v Rutgers

College Football is part of the fond fabric in America due to the school spirit and contagious support from the alums and home state. Every Saturday, millions of people tune in to watch their favorite college football teams battle among each other for superiority, respect, and pride. What makes college football very unique is not only the thrills and excitement that it provides but the traditions that are passed down from generation to generation that manifest enthusiasm for years to come. Every year, football teams across the country engage in their fierce rivalry games such as Michigan vs Ohio State or USC vs UCLA to name a couple. They create a buzz on a good Saturday afternoon or night. However, many rivalry games are attached with notable trophies that signifies victory over their hated foe.

College Football has tons of trophy games that creates significance to the game regardless of what each teams’ overall record is that particular season. It doesn’t matter what the records are, what matters is bringing home the trophy for bragging rights for the next 365 days. That’s what makes trophy games special. They can unify a team and fan base in a special way.

Here are some famous trophy games:

Arizona vs ASU- “Terrortial Cup”

Iowa vs Minnesota “Flood of Rosedale”

Oklahoma vs Texas “Golden Hat”

Michigan vs MSU “Paul Bunyan Trophy”

Arkansas vs LSU “Golden Boot

Stanford vs Cal “Stanford Axe”

UCLA vs USC “Victory Bell”

Indiana vs Purdue “Old Oaken Bucket”

MISS STATE vs Ole Miss “Golden Egg”

BAMA vs Auburn “Foy-Odk Sportsmanship Trophy

Army/Navy/Air Force for “Commander in Chief’s Trophy”

Minnestota vs Michigan “Little Brown Jug”

OSU vs Illinois “Illibuck”

Iowa vs Iowa State “Cy-Hawk Trophy”

Iowa vs Wisconsin “Heartland Trophy”

Wisconsin v Iowa
B!G are known for these games. Time for RU to have one of their own

The Big Ten may have the most trophy games in one conference. This brings the question and idea to implement a trophy game for Rutgers football. Some people may say “eh, I rather have a trophy from Bowl season” but that’s not always a guarantee each season. Trophy games creates anticipation and ensures a significant game each year. Whether Rutgers is 10-2 or 2-10, a trophy game would generate more interest year after year and help create a true rival, something that the program is searching for.

I pose the question, which program should Rutgers have a trophy game with on an annual basis?


Penn State is a dominating force in the B1G and has been for most years. They are also hated by many Rutgers fans. New Jersey and Pennsylvania are right next to each other and a trophy game between PSU and RU would make a lot of sense. Although Rutgers hasn’t defeated PSU in a long time, I think a trophy game would help drive up the anticipation of this game on the Rutgers side. A good name for the trophy would be “Tri-State Trophy”.


Rutgers and Maryland had their share of battles since joining the B1G in 2014 with close games, as both programs have won twice. All-time, Maryland currently has an overall lead over Rutgers 7 to 6 and both programs need to beat the other each season to help make a bowl game. This would make for a great trophy game and a potential name for this game would be “I95 Cup”.

Rutgers v Maryland
RU/Maryland had classic games. Time to consider to make it an official rivalry game with a trophy
Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images


I know Boston College isn’t in the B1G and they do not play them on an annual basis, but they are on the schedule in 2019 and it would be fun if they started up a classic Big East rivalry on a somewhat annual basis again. The current series is signed for four years, so that’s a start. Boston College is only 4-5 hours away from Piscataway and it would be an intriguing matchup to play against the Eagles on a frequent basis. The “Samuel Adams Jug” would be the name of the trophy, am I right?

Some may say trophies are silly, but they are potentially meaningful to the players and fans over time. Rutgers should embrace themselves into this college football tradition and start a trophy game tradition with another program. It’s great for college football, and it would be great for Rutgers Football. Time to start a new tradition.

Sound off in the comments about whether you agree and who you’d like to see Rutgers play in a trophy game against year after year. Also, vote in this poll!


Who Should Rutgers Play For a Trophy Game Each Season?

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  • 56%
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  • 14%
    Penn State
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  • 3%
    Boston College
    (18 votes)
  • 18%
    No One It’s Not Necessary
    (105 votes)
  • 6%
    A Trophy Game Is A Good Idea But Not Against Those Mentioned
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