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VOTE: Rutgers Football most intimidating players

You don’t have to bench 450 or win the heavyweight title to be scary, but it helps.

Rutgers v Cincinnati
Keep on chopping.
Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Last Wednesday, you voted on the most talented backfield in Rutgers football history, this week you get another chance at glory!

What you say?

This National Lucky Penny Day (almost the most celebrated day in American history) had me thinking despite the recent injuries, the #1 jersey at Rutgers will always remain Janarion Grant to many Scarlet Knight faithful. The Baltimore Raven was not the biggest guy, but brought an intimidation factor usually reserved for bigger players because of his playmaking ability, especially when every defenders who’s ankles he broke (painful to say) knew it would end up all over twitter within minutes.

The current team has some guys with disruptive potential, perhaps one day Olakunle Fatukasi may enter the conversation if his special teams hits have been any indication thus far. Maybe Tijaun Mason develops into a pass rush fiend. Raiqwon O’Neal looks the part.

We’ll break it down into two groups, so millennials with short attention spans can do some research if they want before voting in the second election. And we’ll also get some help from some of our undersized friends in the Rocky franchise for effect with the links below about how to scare people.

Modern Bowl Era (2005-present)

Kemoko Turay. They call him the Kemoko Dragon for a reason. Even if you have a solid offensive line, what quarterback felt safe?

Janarion Grant. Despite his stature, how does it feel that he could embarrass you at literally any given moment?

Leonte Carroo. You can’t stop him, but just hope to contain him, just ask #4 Michigan State.

Khaseem Greene. The face shield? The dreadlocks? The punches to force fumbles? He has to be in opponent nightmares still. I wish in the Russell Athletic Bowl they would have given him the ball on O.

Mohamed Sanu. Quarterback, Running Back, Wide Receiver; opposing offenses were breathing a sigh of relief when he was moved from Safety.

Anthony Davis. Not the unibrow, the offensive lineman who started Day 1 and simply manhandled everyone at the college and most at the pro level.

Eric Foster. How discouraging must it be when an undersized defensive lineman simply keeps chopping like he’s in Rocky IV?

Big hitting DBs: The McCourtys, Zaire Kitchen, Joe Lefeged. These guys played special teams and delivered some punishment from the safety spot after tutelage from Ron Girault and Courtney Greene.

Brian Leonard. Could he not have been All-Conference at every position other than maybe right tackle? And if in doubt, ask Syracuse.


Most intimidating Knight in the last dozen years?

This poll is closed

  • 4%
    Kemoko Dragon
    (16 votes)
  • 4%
    (15 votes)
  • 4%
    Leonte Carroooooooooo
    (15 votes)
  • 29%
    Khaseem Greene, Two-time Big East defensive POY.
    (102 votes)
  • 14%
    (49 votes)
  • 13%
    Anthony "Don’t call me unibrow" Davis
    (48 votes)
  • 11%
    Keep choppin’ Foster
    (41 votes)
  • 7%
    DBU reps
    (25 votes)
  • 9%
    Leonard leap or not, still true.
    (34 votes)
345 votes total Vote Now

How about some pre-2005 love?

Tyronne Stowe. He could win this on looks alone even before watching the 20 tackle games. He could hit. Perhaps the Sunday services he deliver sound a little like this?

Nate Toran. Toran was a tough choice over Bill Pickel and Dino Mangiero here, but he was Foster before the chop, dubbed by his coach, “the most enthusiastic player I’ve ever seen.” How else do you recover so many fumbles?

JJ Jennings. The guy just accumulated yards everywhere he went. He was tough to battle for extra yards, yet despite all the contact, when he took his helmet off, his ‘fro was still perfect somehow.

Alex Kroll. Two way standout. Military veteran. First team All-American. Hall of Famer in a two-way era.

Homer Hazel. His name is Homer and he lettered at offensive guard before being in the inaugural College Football Hall of Fame class as a fullback. How ‘bout them apples?

Bob “Nasty” Nash. “Look, it’s the name man.” And he was pretty good at football in college and the NFL.

Paul Robeson. Possibly the best player, perhaps the singing made him a little less scary?


Most intimidating Knight without chopping.

This poll is closed

  • 18%
    Tyronne Stowe.
    (25 votes)
  • 7%
    Nate Toran.
    (10 votes)
  • 10%
    JJ Jennings.
    (15 votes)
  • 10%
    Homer Hazel, HOF
    (14 votes)
  • 18%
    Alex Kroll, HOF
    (26 votes)
  • 8%
    Nasty (not Niecy) Nash
    (12 votes)
  • 26%
    Paul Robeson despite the artistic talent.
    (36 votes)
138 votes total Vote Now

Who did I miss? Let us know in the comments section since it probably won’t be unanimous (though last week was close)!