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A R B1G Build: Performance Center construction photo gallery, vol. 4

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Yeah, we got steel.

We have steel and, to quote a former athletic director who shall remain nameless, we have cranes in the air. And another photo gallery of the construction at the RWJBarnabas Health Performance Center.

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From the Gruninger Baseball/Softball Complex it rises up, clearly visible. A sign of things to come.


But get in closer. It is there and it is real.

View from Hospital Road (by Bauer Track & Field Hockey Complex)

Go around to the front of the RAC, on the circle. Look at mid-January on the left and this past weekend on the right. I like the one on the right!


And take a closer look from the front of the RAC.


To get perspective, we go to the parking lot of the Business School, an area just beyond what used to be the Scarlet Lot at the RAC.


And then looking inside the fence. You can see the steel along with the foundation work.


It is rising. Sometimes there;s not a lot to really see, except that steel. But it is exciting to know it is happening. I’ll try not to get over eager and do this before there’s more to see.

But it is fun to see it happen.