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REPORT: Rutgers Wrestling "in the mix" for top transfer

PA champ who topped Spencer Lee in high school looking for a place to land

Austin DeSanto vs. Scott DelVecchio at the 2018 NCAA Championships
Roy DeBoer with permission

Think getting Nick Suriano was a big deal last year?

We might be seeing major transfer 2.0 soon.’s Zach Miller is reporting that Austin DeSanto, who was granted his release by Drexel, is looking for a new home and that Rutgers is under consideration.

His report is based on a tweet from Flowrestling’s managing editor Christian Pyles.

DeSanto, a freshman, lost to RU’s Scott DelVecchio in the round of 12 at the NCAAs last month. But in 2017, he defeated current-NCAA 125 pound champion Spencer Lee in the Pennsylvania state championship. You know Spencer Lee....the guy that topped Suriano in the finals.

PennLive is reporting that DeSanto is leaving Drexel in search of a “tougher room”. “I guess Austin is looking for a tougher room essentially, somewhere to be challenged on a daily basis,” said his high school coach Jon Rugg. “I was never in Drexel’s room, so I have no idea what that specifically means.”

Rutgers being in the mix means just that. There are a slew of schools interested in the freshman who has garnered his share of criticism, especially after some very questionable actions in his NCAA match against Michigan’s Steven Micic. And, as might be expected, social media jumped on it...and him.

And this.....

Aa-a-a-and this....

The list of suitors includes Penn State, Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona State and any number of other schools.

DeSanto finished his first college season 29-7 and a third place finish at the EIWA. Thart included three falls, four majors, and 11 tech falls. He finished ranked No. 9 in FloWrestling’s final rankings released on Sunday. Suriano was two while Lee was at No. 1.

So, is Austin DeSanto a terrific wrestler with great potential? Is he a poor sport? Should Rutgers look at the talent and try to “correct” what some see as a bad attitude? What does Scott Goodale think? Hmmmm....

And you thought wrestling season was over.