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EXCLUSIVE: Update on future Rutgers wrestler Stephan Glasgow

The two-time state champion sat out 2017-18 without enrolling

Roy DeBoer with permission

We did a way-too-early look at Rutgers Wrestling’s lineup for 2018-19 last week.

And I did my mea culpa for missing Stephan Glasgow in that post when I looked at 157/165.

So, to make up for that, I reached out to him and we have a lineup redux, this time focusing on him.

It was originally expected that the two-time state champion and National High School Coaches Association 2016-17 National High School Wrestler of the Year would be enrolling last fall. The New Jersey 152-pound titlist spoke with us last spring and was excited to be a part of the Rutgers program. “I’m really excited about wrestling so close. It’s home for me. I wanted to stay home and wrestle in front my friends and family.”

But it didn’t happen, at least in part due to some injuries. He decided to pass on college in the fall and he enrolled at St. Benedict’s Prep in Newark, but only to stay in class and work on academics. He was not wrestling there.

“I left after the first semester to focus on my training after being out with injuries for almost a year.” And he realized how much he missed being on the mat.

“Being away for a year was a rough time and it just made me realize how much I truly love the sport. Watching my friends and my teammates wrestling and doing well while I was on the sidelines hurt at first, but now I️ just use it as motivation.”

He definitely plans on enrolling at Rutgers for the fall, and he has wrestling in his plans. He’s been attending the regional training center and has been working out with....well, everybody. “I workout at the regional training center at Rutgers. I usually just wrestle everyone. I like to wrestle with a lot of other people so I can get a different feel.”

They’ll certainly be a different feel wrestling in college next fall. But he feels healthy and ready to go and he has a sense of where he wants to compete as well. “I plan on wrestling at 157 next year and I’m starting to get my feel back. Feeling great, body feels well rested. I’m ready!”

Rutgers fans are ready for him, too. Should be an exciting room for Scott Goodale next season.