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R B1G Build: Performance Center construction photo gallery, vol. 3

Another installment of construction photos; it’s getting there!


We’re back!

It’s been well over a month - actually close to two - since we last posted some photos of the construction site at the RWJBarnabas Health Performance Center (whew!).

You can watch a live construction camera from the website here

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We went out around St. Patrick’s Day and snapped a few photos to give you an “on the ground” look at progress so far. Here ya go.

For some perspective, this is the view from the Business School building, looking from Rockafeller Road into the site. Lots of dirt, gravel, machinery.


If you peek through the fence - very happy there are openings - you see footings/foundations in the ground. There is a form taking shape. Pat Hobbs had indicated that steel would be going up in March or April. I’m holding you to it, Pat!


Looking in tighter, you see the foundation work. But there’s a lot more to see. Wait, you’ll love it.


Let’s drive around to Hospital Road and look back towards the Business School. Conveniently, they had a gate open....thanks, guys.


The foundation is well underway. The closest part of the building - based on what I’ve seen in drawings - is the parking deck. The far side, closest to the Business School, is the Performance Center.

And, at least for me, the best for last. You can always find an opening where you can really see what’s going on. I sorta feel like a kid in the 1930’s peering into a baseball game through a hole in the outfield fence. Okay, back around the other side again. The following photos give a little perspective to the scope and size of the work. They are taken from a parking lot near the Business School; the red arrow on the map below shows the view point.


That’s big. You really see the foundation in place and the building taking shape. It’s exciting!

And, yes, I have no life and way too much free time. But I love this stuff. And I’m happy to share it with all of you. It certainly has whet my appetite and I am really anxious to see steel going up soon.

Til next time....