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R B1G Build: Performance Center construction photo gallery, vol. 2

The major work is in the ground - not much to see but we know how hungry you are for this!


Photo Gallery 1 on January 19

It’s been two weeks and we’re back. You know, in the early days of any construction project, it doesn’t look all that impressive. Holes in the ground, piles of dirt. But then you look closer and you start to see progress.

Those operations guys have a distinct advantage: they get to go up on the roof of the RAC and Business School building to take photos!!

Let’s start with some perspective on the site. For those who have never been here or haven’t been here in some time, we’re looking at the area southwesterly of the RAC....and it’s a pretty large plot of land. The area inside the red lines is the rough outline of the area that is being developed.

And for comparison, here is the architectural rendering of the site from an aerial perspective.

Left to right: Rutgers Business School, the RWJBarnabas Health Performance Center, RAC
R Fund/Rutgers Athletics

The view from the ground at the business school shows how large a footprint the new facility has; the footings in these photos are only about 100 feet from the building.


The fact is, until the structure starts building up, there won’t be much to actually see. But even as the new structure takes shape, there are stil reminders of what was. Even with the clearing of the area, some things were left behind.


The sign for “Media & Player Guest Entrance” sits in its concrete base in the middle of the construction.

Not much to really see, but we wanted to keep you abreast of where things were as the project goes on. We’ll be back....give it a month.

With this project underway, Rutgers will be looking to build the R B1G Build fund and prepare for the second part of the facilities expansion, the Soccer/Lacrosse complex at Yurcak Field. And just in case you’re interested in donating, here’s a link:

R Fund donation page