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Rutgers Gymnastics takes 2nd at Maryland

Strong finish at quad meet before road trip to Auburn

FloSports: FloGymnastics Big Ten Championships
Maryland at the 2017 Big Ten championships in Piscataway.
Catalina Fragoso-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers Gymnastics has stayed busy. Two weeks ago, the ladies took 2nd place in a home meet with Ohio State, West Chester, and Wisconsin-Whitewater. The team tallied their best overall score of the season with a 194.800. They set high water marks on the season in bars (48.425) and on beam (48.700).

This past weekend Rutgers faced off with Big Ten rival Maryland, a homecoming of sorts for freshmen Belle Huang and Toni Williams, who both came to the banks from the state of Maryland. Terrapins freshman Audrey Barber stole the show, earning Big Ten gymnast of the week with an all-around of 39.475. Though the Scarlet Knights did not keep pace with the Terps, they did rally to finish in 2nd place as a team despite team all-around leader Libby Groden not participating. The team highlight was tying their best vault score of the season with a 48.925.

Individually, fourteen team members have competed in a meet this year since up until recently, only Libby Groden was competing in all four events. Freshman Belle Huang has joined her in each of the last two meets. Let’s check the team statistics so far which have a lot of different leaders across the events.

Uneven Bars

Competed at least once: Michelle Amoresano, Shannon Farrell, Libby Groden, Kaitlyn Hall, Belle Huang, Emma Karas, Rachel Ley, Makenzey Shank

Top average score: 9.740 Farrell (5 meets)

Team individual best this year: 9.800 Amoresano (2/11/18), Groden (1/13/18)

Best team score: 48.425 2/03/18 Rutgers vs. Ohio St., West Chester, UW-Whitewater

Floor Exercise

Competed at least once: Riahanah Ali, Shannon Farrell, Groden, Huang, Hannah Prieto, Jenna Rizkalla, Shank, Toni Williams

Top average score: 9.805 Rizkalla (5 meets)

Team individual best this year: 9.900 Rizkalla (1/27/18)

Best team score: 49.150 1/27/18 Rutgers at Michigan St, E Michigan, Pittsburgh


Competed at least once: Ali, Amoresano, Sophia Atienza, Groden, Hall, Huang, Karas, Rizkalla, Williams

Top average score: 9.838 Rizkalla (2 meets)

Team individual best this year: 9.875 Huang (2/11/18)

Best team score: 48.925 twice (1/27/18 and 2/11/18)

Balance Beam

Competed at least once: Amoresano, Farrell, Groden, Hall, Huang, Erin McLachlan, Rizkalla, Shank,

Top average score: 9.788 McLachlan (2 meets)

Team individual best this year: 9.875 Shank (2/11/18)

Best team score: 48.825 2/03/18 Rutgers vs. Ohio St., West Chester, UW-Whitewater


Competed at least once: Groden, Huang

Top average score: 38.838 Groden (4 meets)

Team individual best this year: 38.875 Groden (1/13/18), Huang (2/3/18)

Here’s to continued improvement as the season already is beginning to wind down!

Up Next: Dual meet at Auburn for a Big Ten - SEC challenge, though unofficial.

Also, if you know a former team member who may be interested, pass on this information about the alumni reception on March 17.