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Rutgers Wrestling Holiday Update

Take a look at the Rankings Update, Midlands Roster

Roy DeBoer

Big Ten Wrestling is coming, but you just have to wait until January 6th.

Rutgers will travel to Minnesota on that day then come back home to the RAC for a January 11th showdown with Wisconsin and two days later, have a historic showdown with Big 12 power Oklahoma State.

In the meantime, we are here to give you a rankings update and tell you which wrestlers are heading out to the stacked Midlands Tournament, which Rutgers skipped as a team this season to go out to the Cliff Keen Invitational in Las Vegas, which I covered here.

Across the board, Rutgers ranks as a Top 15 team, just about where they should be based on the record so far, with the lone loss coming to Utah Valley. The Big Ten schedule features many highly ranked opponents, so this could make or break the Scarlet Knights dual season.

As far as individual rankings, Rutgers features half the lineup throughout the services:

Rankings: Intermat, FLO, AWN, TOM, Track, FLO P4P

Nick Suriano (133) - 3, 2, 4, 1, 2, 10

Anthony Ashnault (149) - 2, 2, 2, 2, 2, 16

John Van Brill (157) - 17, 16, 14, 14, 13

Stephan Glasgow (165) - NR, NR, NR, NR, 22

Nick Gravina (184) - 12, 14, 13, NR, 15

Midlands Tournament Roster

Rutgers will send a mix of attached and unattached wrestlers to the tournament. It is interesting to note that 141 and 174 will feature multiple attached wrestlers for the Scarlet Knights. Head coach Scott Goodale is not a huge fan of wrestle-offs and likes to use tournament results as a measuring stick of the better wrestler for that spot in the lineup.

Another note, John Van Brill will wrestle unattached at 157 so it will not affect his record, but it seems the staff wants to get the elder Van Brill rolling into the Big Ten dual season as he has had an up and down campaign.


141 - Mike Van Brill and Peter Lipari

149 - Jake Benner

174 - Willie Scott and Joe Grello

HWT - Alex Esposito


125 - Nicolas Aguilar

133 - Malcolm Robinson

157 - John Van Brill

184 - Billy Janzer