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Rutgers vs. Rider Preview

Wrestling takes on the Broncs for first time in Six Seasons

Nick Suriano (left) wrestles JR Wert (right) at the 2018 NCAA Championships
Roy DeBoer

Back to reality.

It’s been two weeks since Vegas and over a month since Rutgers had a dual meet but here we are, it’s Rider week.

The two schools will face each other for the first time in six years and this in-state matchup could be featured for years to come but that will be up in the air until after the 2019-20 season. The RAC will play host this Sunday at 1 pm.

According to head coach Scott Goodale, “everyone is on the board.” Goodale provided some interesting news when meeting with the media today: aside from guys out for the season (Zach Firestone, Nick Santos, Max Wright, who is “out for awhile”), no one is off limits from wrestling in the lineup. He also said the staff does not have a clear idea of how they will shape the lineup Sunday nor for the rest of the season.

Certainly seems like a match by match method right now for the Scarlet Knights. For now, let’s take a look a the potential matchups, weight by weight. Rutgers wrestlers are listed first and the rankings are courteous of Flo Wrestling.

125 - Shane Metzler (4-4) vs. Jonathon Tropea (8-2)

133 - No. 2 Nick Suriano (11-0) vs. Anthony Cefolo (5-2)

141 - Peter Lipari (1-2) vs. Travis Layton (6-5)

149 - No. 2 Anthony Ashnault (11-0) vs. Evan Fidelibus (4-4)

157 - No. 17 John Van Brill (6-4) vs. Gino Fluri (7-4)

165 - Stephan Glasgow (5-1) vs. Jesse Dellavecchia (7-1)

174 - Joe Grello (7-3) vs. Dean Sherry (6-4)

184 - Jordan Pagano (3-3) vs. Mike Fagg-Daves (7-3)

197 - Matt Correnti (4-6) vs, Ethan Laird (7-4)

HWT - Christian Colucci (4-4) vs. Ryan Cloud (1-0)


-Dellavecchia is ranked No. 20 according to InterMat so Glasgow will have himself a tough match and it could be the featured bout of the evening.

-Lipari is penciled in, but Mike Van Brill could make his return this Sunday as 141 has been shaky so far.

-184 has Pagano for now, until Nick Gravina makes his return. He was not mentioned among the injured wrestlers when Goodale spoke to the media. You cannot rule out a return for Gravina on Sunday, but it’s more likely he returns after the holidays.


That’s the career record for Goodale. With a win this Sunday, he will become the winningest coach in program history. It would be a big win for the program, recruiting, and of course the head coach himself.

No Redshirt?

Since Goodale said everyone is on the board, Nicolas Aguilar could be a guy who cracks the lineup at 125. So far, Metzler has had an up and down season and if the Scarlet Knights need a spark, Aguilar could be the answer at the lightest weight. He was heavily recruited and is a well respected California state champion. Being that it is his first year On the Banks, a redshirt might be the best option but, the results cannot be ignored.

Billy Janzer is another freshman who could crack the lineup. However, this would only happen if the staff decides to sit Pagano and Gravina is unable to wrestle this season. There would likely be a decision between Janzer and Willie Scott to determine 184, should it come down that situation.