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Birthplace Of College Football 150th Anniversary Campaign Has Officially Begun For Rutgers Football

A lot of information was on social media to kickoff the year ahead

Aaron Breitman

College football turned 149 years old on Tuesday and as you probably know, Rutgers won the first ever game against Princeton 6-4 on November 6th, 1869. With the 150th anniversary taking place next year, Rutgers has launched the start of a campaign to commemorate the occasion. Here is a letter you may have received via email from Rutgers to highlight the beginning of this campaign.

Below is a cool video with the glee club singing and the debut of the logo for the 150th anniversary.

Rutgers football also tweeted out more information on the reasoning behind the 150th anniversary logo, which you will be seeing quite a bit of in the next year.

More about the history of the first game is shown in this tweet. I always heard Leggett was a true gamer.

Check out these additional tweets that showcase the logo.

In the tweet below is a great highlight montage of past Rutgers football greats and signature moments in the history of the program.

In terms of what’s next, Rutgers AD Pat Hobbs and Princeton AD Mollie Marcoux Samaan are both members of a national committee tasked to develop ideas to commemorate college football’s 150th anniversary in 2019.

As for celebratory plans at Rutgers, nothing has been announced. In fact, the football team is on a bye week on November 9th, the weekend the anniversary is being celebrated across college football. While Princeton is playing Dartmouth at Yankee Stadium to celebrate, it remains to be seen how Rutgers actively commemorates the event of the first football game. The programs are certainly in different stages at this point in their respective history. Princeton is 8-0 this season and ranked 11th in FCS, while Rutgers is 1-8 and on the brink of one of their worst seasons ever.

We’ll have plenty of coverage leading up to the 150th anniversary throughout this next year.