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Rutgers Blackout Uniforms & Helmets For Illinois Game Are Best Yet

Check out Saturday’s alternate uni’s here

NCAA Football: Maryland at Rutgers Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

In this weekend’s home game against Illinois, Rutgers will wear its alternative black uniforms for the annual blackout contest. The good news for a team that is off to a 1-4 start is that the Scarlet Knights have been successful wearing the black uni’s in recent seasons.

Rutgers produced come from behind victories over Arkansas in 2013, Michigan in 2014, and Maryland last season, all while wearing the black uniforms. They also came very close to pulling off a massive upset against #4 Michigan State in 2015, failing to tie the score on the final possession. We aren’t going to count 2016, which technically was a “Stripe Out” against Michigan and resulted in the most lopsided defeat in 128 years. The alternate black uniforms have also been worn in historically painful losses to West Virginia in 2007 and Louisville in 2012.

My point, aside from shaking things up can only be a good thing for this team, is that the latest version of the black alternative uniforms may be the best yet. Without a doubt, the helmet being used for this Saturday’s game is tremendous.

The matted black helmet with the reflective red silhouette of New Jersey is pure genius. It looks great and is the biggest use of having ties to the garden state on gameday in quite some time. Rutgers has worn the state silhouette on the back of their jerseys the past two seasons, but it’s small and not a focal point. There is no mention of New Jersey on the field, something that basketball has now with its new court. I, for one, love the change with the helmets.

Here is to wondering if the helmet design will ever be used in white or scarlet? Here are previous versions of Rutgers’ helmets that incorporated New Jersey that I can remember:

The 60’s

The 80’s

Overall, the black uniforms are similar to last season, except the stripes on the shoulders and pants that were added to the regular uniform this year are included as well.

In a season that there hasn’t been much to cheer about with football, incorporating these uniforms deserve a hearty applause. Regardless of whether you like this season’s alternative uniforms, every Rutgers fan will be happy if this team can respond to the past month of losses by putting together its best performance of the season and beat Illinois!