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Hey, is that Todd Frazier? Rutgers’ baseball star talks shop and life

I guess you’ve “made it” when you get to be featured on Jeter’s Players’ Tribune

American League Championship Series Game Five: Houston Astros v. New York Yankees

The Ultimate Jersey Athlete

Todd Frazier has been a great find for the Yankees. And he’s been a great ambassador for Rutgers. And being in New York, you tend to get opportunities to be in front of the public a bit more than in other areas. Like this....

The Players’ Tribune is a media platform founded by Derek Jeter to offer athletes a first person opportunity to tell their stories. Todd Frazier does that in a series called Forward Momentum, presented by Citi.

In the interview, Todd brings along his former Rutgers mentor, referred to in the story as “coaching royalty, in Fred Hill. And the relationship that exists between Frazier and Hill seems strong and genuine, even ten years after he last played for the Scarlet. “He deserves everything that he has accomplished”, said Hill.

As has been said so often, Todd Frazier loves the game. In the low key conversation, Frazier shows who he is, a kid who just wants to play baseball. He’s honest and down to earth. “I play the game with fun, enthusiasm just like I did when I was twelve.” Some things never change.