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Catching Up with Former Rutgers Lacrosse Goalie Kris Alleyne

Kris Alleyne, photo courtesy of Kris Alleyne

Rutgers lacrosse is quickly becoming one of the nation’s best squads. Kris Alleyne is a former goalie at Rutgers, and was part of the program from 2013-2016. His 545 career saves ranks 5th all time for R.U. Men’s lacrosse. Alleyne, who has played in Major League Lacrosse with the Rochester (now Dallas) Rattlers, is now serving as an assistant lacrosse coach with the newly formed Puerto Rico national team.

Recently, I was able to spend a few minutes with Kris to talk about his professional career, and his time at Rutgers:

1. On his new opportunity to serve as an assistant coach at the Federation of International Lacrosse’s newest member, the Puerto Rico national lacrosse team and some of his goals for the program...

I was incredibly lucky to be brought onto the Puerto Rico staff by Jeff Ramos. He’s been a coach and mentor to me since I was 8 years old and I can’t thank him enough for the opportunity.

This is the biggest stage that I’ve been a part of, so I’m hoping to put forth a great tournament and put Puerto Rico lacrosse on the map moving forward. Since I’ll be working with the goalies, you already know my goals there!

2. On how the opportunity to work with the Puerto Rico team came about...

I had been working clinics with Jeff [Ramos] for the last few years, and when it came to bringing in a staff, he asked me and I couldn’t pass it up. Growing the game is obviously a huge initiative across the sport, and P.R. lacrosse has a lot of support with it just being the first year. The players are excited to be the first to do so [play for Puerto Rico].

3. On his introduction to the game of lacrosse as a kid and playing goalie...

I was introduced to the game by my older brother, Ryan when we moved to Rockland County from Brooklyn.

He had started playing at Clarkstown North and I just wanted to follow whatever my brother was doing. Eventually, we would play in the yard, and as the kid brother, I would end up in net with him shooting. After a while, it just started to click.

4. On his time at Rutgers, and how closely he still follows Rutgers Lacrosse...

I keep up with Rutgers lacrosse as much now as my time there. The trajectory back into national prominence took time, but we always knew we had the guys in the locker room to make this possible. Coach Brecht and staff have done an amazing job of getting this program to where it belongs.

Rutgers will always be a special place to me. The lifelong friends I’ve made, and the unforgettable experiences both on and off the field will stick with me forever.

5. On some of the great players he’s faced in Major League Lacrosse, and played with in college and the pro:...

Between my time at Rutgers and my rookie season in the MLL,I was able to play with and against some of the best names in the sport.

I don’t think I’m able to pinpoint to just one I’ve played against but Tom Schreiber, Ryan Brown and Jordan Wolf, who is now my teammate with the Ratz, definitely come to mind.

My boy Scott Bieda is up there for best I’ve played with. It’s rare to find a player with as much passion as there is talent, and he’s a big reason for the success we had our senior season.


We at On The Banks thank Kris Alleyne for his time and wish him luck growing the game of lacrosse.

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