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R B1G Build: It’s all about the how much do we have?

Construction is underway; do we have the money?

Iowa v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

We’re getting there.

Let’s be honest: we all want some sugar daddy to come along and write a $25 million check for the new facility. Probably no one more than Pat Hobbs.

But since that person hasn’t shown up (yet), what does the bank account look like now? Well, now is as of December 31 of last year and the number looks big....for me.

Screenshot - Rutgers R Fund

That is a tad more than three-quarters of the way to the $100 million goal of the R B1G Build. But what has the growth been? Go back a month, to November 30 and you’ll see that the holiday season brought in about $1.1 million. Which kinda sounds like a lot. Is it?

Okay, go back a year to December 2016. How much was in the bank then?

That means that during 2017, the R Fund collected about $7.8 million, or about $650,000 per month. Now, that ain’t chump change, and it means that the money collected during last December was a pretty good haul. Compared to the rest of the year. But what I think was more significant was the number of new donors brought in during 2017: 1,408 new donors made gifts/pledges to the R B1G Build. That’s close to doubling the total of donors. That is important.

Naming Opportunities

A not insignificant amount of money is coming from naming opportunities. If you’re a letterwinner - regardless of sport - you have an exclusive right to have your name on a locker in the new facility. Cost: $2,500 per locker. Make it a pledge and pay it over five years. Easy peasy! Not bragging, but I kicked in for two.

There are 56 different areas identified in the new building as being “nameable”. If you’re interested, you can take a look here. But let’s take a look at a few of them, including some that are already bought and paid for!

On the Banks graphics

Some of the larger - and pricier - shared spaces have already been accounted for, but don’t miss the opportunity to have your name on the cafe...or the retail store (calling Adidas or Barnes & Noble).

Wrestling is doing well on the mat and also on getting its area paid for in the new facility. The biggest area that I’m anxious to see named is the actual wrestling room. I thought about it for myself, but at the rate I could pay, it would take me 1,000 years and I didn’t want to leave that responsibility to my great-great-great-great-great .... Yeah, it wasn’t gonna happen. But there has to be someone out there who can make that happen! (And, tes, I know i duplicated some areas - couldn't correct it once i deleted the file. Mea culpa!!)

On the Banks graphics

As with the wrestling practice area, the two basketball courts haven’t been named yet. That, by the way, is a mere $10 million. Oh, wait. That’s for two; if you only want to kick in for one, it’s only $5 mil. Pikiell and Stringer will have names on their offices....besides their own.

On the Banks graphic

But my favorite naming opportunity is for this:

Yeah, I’m figuring that’s just what it sounds like. Close the deal. Convince that young man or woman that Rutgers, with this fabulous facility and all it has to offer, is the place for you. In that room. Okay, that’s cool.

Want to make a gift or pledge to the R B1G Build....or any Rutgers cause? Check these out:

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