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Rutgers Weekly Opponent Player Watch: Morgan State Herb Walker

Herb Walker is quick and dangerous. Don’t let his 5’6 height fool you.

Herb Walker (Senior, 5’6 190lbs)

Morgan State is in the same winless boat as Rutgers which is being “0-2”. They do say “misery loves company”, and both teams will enjoy each other this Saturday matchup. However, one team will become a victor and the other team will continue their unlucky streak. The player to watch that Rutgers must stop this week is 3rd Team All-MEAC Herb Walker.

Walker hasn’t seen much action this season. He’s only played one game with only 11 carries and a minimal 26 yards. It doesn’t sound like much, however, don’t let the numbers fool you. In 2014, Herb Walker ran for over 1408 yards and scored 13 TD’s. He didn’t play much between 2015-2016 due to eligibility issues. Herb Walker is a mystery and puzzling because the stats don’t reveal or deliver a quality measuring stick about him as a player. Nevertheless, Walker does have potential to have a big game against Rutgers. Despite not playing much last year, he was still named 3rd Team All-MEAC which means the coaches of the MEAC respects his game and talent.

Herb Walker may be only 5’6 but he has the talent to rack up yards quickly. He’s a shifty back that can move the chains and cause matchup problems to the linebackers in open field. Herb Walker is a small guy that can create a big impact in the game.

What Rutgers Must Do To Stop Herb Walker

I hope Rutgers learned a valuable lesson from 2016 and the last game against Eastern Michigan. Rutgers played Howard last year and were caught by surprised when the Bison scored 14 unanswered points on the Scarlet Knights in the first quarter. Rutgers won eventually 52-14 but that game showed that any team can cause damage at any point. Howard ran for 150 yards that day. Eastern Michigan came to Piscataway last Saturday with an innovative game plan which thwarted Rutgers’ first victory. EMU cancelled out Janarion Grant by kicking difficult punts towards him which helped prevent Grant from making a big play on special teams. EMU defense stepped up greatly which held Rutgers to only 13 points.

Rutgers shouldn’t take any opponent lightly again. The EMU loss was a tough pill to swallow for the team and the fan base. They must play this game as if it was for the B1G Championship. This isn’t speaking in hyperbole but this game is the stepping stone for progression. Rutgers’ strength is stopping the run which they are 39th in the country. It’s a big improvement from last year. Rutgers must continue their tenacious run defense and play to the whistle. Key players that must step up are Isaiah Wharton, Kemoko Turay, Deonte Roberts, Blessaun Austin and Sebastian Joseph. These players must stop Herb Walker’s runs and pass plays, where he can be effective through screen passes.

Rutgers can end this losing streak this Saturday in Piscataway and it’s long overdue. It’s been a tough week for the Scarlet Knights but the team has nowhere to go but upward. This season started rougher than sandpaper but can be smoothed out with a solid victory which can restore some excitement and joy for Rutgers University. Head coach Chris Ash and the Scarlet Knights must treat this game like it’s their last and give it their all. Pride and dignity is on the line.