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Knight Caps: Rutgers Football Training Camp Edition

A week into camp....what’s doin’?

Rutgers v Minnesota Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

A little bit of this, a little bit of that. That doesn’t really involve position battles, injury reports, or dunks by Bo Melton.

Those clever graphic guys

Did you notice? Did you take a close look? Go on, look at the HUNT.

I see you there

Nothing to do with Chris Ash’s camp, but everything to do with Jack Del Rio’s and who he has on his squad. Hey, Anthony. Good luck, man!

It’s a team effort

The “team” is more than the guys in the pads. It’s the guys who maintain those pads, and do a lot of other stuff that gets those guys in pads....well, in their pads. A little tip of the hat to all the people behind the scenes who make things happen. Thank you!

Speaking of equipment....

Remember in high school your practice jersey was a game jersey from, like, ten years ago? No more. Look at the shoulders of this uniform. #ThreeStripeKnight Even on the practice unis. And the extra padded helmet. Never saw anything like that before but certainly makes sense to protect your players as much as possible.

And look at all those boxes from adidas outside the equipment room at the Hale Center.


Knights and horses on the prowl

So what’s this all about?

He wasn’t just by Route 18.

And you thought they just worked the home games!

It’s the Big Ten

Smashmouth football....

The battle at the line of scrimmage.....

This. Is. Football.

What was I saying about graphics?

It’s not just Rutgers fans (including us) commenting how cool the Rutgers schedule posters are. Outsiders love them!

And you can get yours at Fan Appreciation Day on August 12.

Think they can do this in Iowa?

Or Nebraska? Or Penn State? Or Northwestern or Illinois?

Rutgers can.

Yeah, that’s us. That’s Rutgers. New York City’s Big Ten college team.