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A Loyal Son passes away

The name may not ring a bell, but the voice is eternal


If he walked up to you, you might not know who he was.

But if you heard his voice, you’d know it.

Harvey Hauptman, Rutgers Class of 1951, passed away on Wednesday. He was 87.

For those of you under the age of 30, you’re probably wondering why we’re remembering him. Allow me.

This year, WCBS 880 in New York City is celebrating its 50th anniversary as an all-news station. And in 1967 when it all started, Harvey was one of the original news anchors at the station.

The Brooklyn-born Hauptman was a Korean War veteran, serving after his graduation from Rutgers College. At one point, Hauptman worked at New Brunswick’s WCTC. He would spend more than 30 years as a WCBS news anchor.

But, there was more that brought Harvey into the Rutgers orbit and why we memorialize him here. For years, Harvey Hauptman was the stadium voice of Rutgers football, manning the PA microphone for his alma mater. I listened to enough radio to recognize that distinctive voice at Rutgers Stadium. It was Harvey Hauptman, the guy on WCBS.

When Greg Schiano came on as head coach, he wanted a clean slate. Hauptman was removed as the PA voice. I recall there were more than a few alums who were incensed by the move. Hauptman was, after all, a loyal son. Correction: he was a Loyal Son, having been inducted into the Loyal Sons & Daughters by the Rutgers Alumni Association for his service to Alma Mater.

His obituary reinforces that:

Harvey was a proud alumnus of Rutgers College and an enthusiastic supporter of Rutgers athletics, including serving as the public address announcer for Rutgers football games.

He was a gentleman and a professional, as many would add. ““In a newsroom full of barbs and sarcasm, Harvey was a zen presence who was loved and respected by virtually everyone,” current WCBS morning anchor Wayne Cabot says. “He was a part of New York and a familiar voice of my youth.”

Mine, too.

Rest in peace, Harvey. A Loyal Son of Rutgers.

We pledge our faith to Alma Mater,

Our love to all the fond old scenes,

And e'er through life we stand together,

For love we bear to Queens.

And e'er through life we stand together,

For love we bear to Queens.

-- A hymn to Queens