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Rutgers Football: Stadium getting new turf & you can get some of the old

Indiana v Rutgers Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Bet you didn’t know the stadium was getting new turf.

I have to tell you that the installation is a wonder to observe. When I worked as a vice principal at Livingston High School, they installed Field Turf. I was out there everyday documenting the process. Truly amazing.

While it wasn’t announced as were a lot of the other construction projects, new turf - which typically costs $1 million-plus - is another shiny new toy for football. And it means that about 6,300 square yards (or 56,000 square feet) of the old stuff needs to be disposed of.

Well, there were a few people who asked the operations guys if you could buy a piece of turf. The answer?

Start saving your money. And think about it: at just $10/sf, they could raise about a half million dollars by selling the used turf. Voila: turf almost paid for.

Now, if we could just get red turf.