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Rutgers Football: Big Ten Media Day Video Recap

Check out all of the action captured by BTN & RVision.

NCAA Football: Big Ten Media Days Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers football head coach Chris Ash took his turn at the podium on Tuesday at Big Ten Media Day. For a full recap, click here. In this post, we cover all of the action that RVision and BTN captured of the Rutgers contingent in Chicago.

The player representatives for the program at Media Day were Dorian Miller, Sebastian Joseph, and Blessuan Austin. RVision filmed their experience arriving in Chicago and experiencing the city on Monday, ahead of their big day on Tuesday.

Chris Ash spoke with Dave Revsine, Gerry DiNardo, and Howard Griffith of BTN after his trip to the podium and went into more detail about his thoughts on the current state of the program. He displayed a confidence and security about the improvements made in the past year, specifically with the culture and brotherhood established in the locker room. He also showed his sense of humor in cracking a joke about Rutgers great Marco Battaglia. It’s clear that Ash needed time to grow into the head coaching role, but there are a lot of positive signs that he is feeling more comfortable, which came through in this interview.

Miller, Joseph, and Austin later joined Revsine on BTN to discuss how they have moved on from last season and what they’ve learned about Ash since his arrival. It was great to see the players get some exposure and have some good banter with Revsine. They seem locked in and ready to get training camp started.

RVision always does a great job and this is a great recap of what the media day experience was like for the players.

Ash took part in BTN’s “ask the coach” segment and gave a shout out to Steakhouse 85 in New Brunswick:

He was asked which coach has had the most influence on his career and he showed that not forgetting where you started is so important:

The last question he took was pure Jersey:

And we end with a precious moment, as Austin showed his kindness to a little girl that was covering the events for BTN. Talk about taking the fast track in her career. As Austin is getting a lot of attention in the preseason and expectations are high for him, it’s great to see more of him representing himself and Rutgers in a positive way off the field.

For more on Molly, click on the tweet below

Now that media day is over, it’s time to focus on training camp, which begins in just a few days. Let’s hope Rutgers proves the many doubters wrong on the field in 2017!