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Take the Poll:It’s New’s all about the shore...and pizza

And, of course, “showing your R”. And, by the way, what is your fave beach and pizza place?

2012 Light of Day Concert Series 'New Jersey' Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images

We are New Jersey. We are Rutgers.

No one is going to confuse us with Nebraska, or Indiana, or Iowa.

And I’m okay with that.

There are 50 states in this great land and they’re all different. They each have great sites to visit and things to see. They all have flaws and warts.

Nothing new to see here, folks. Except where the ubiquitous scarlet R shows up.

This summer, athletics has been promoting #ShowYourR, with people sending in tweets from around the world showing them wearing Rutgers gear or otherwise displaying their favorite car magnet. To wit.....

As a former history teacher, I’m particularly fond of this one:

The Rutgers family does get far and wide....and up. I’m more than a little impressed by this new member of the dance team!

And our good friend Sen. Ray Lesniak, on vacation in Boca, continues to make friends just by being a Rutgers fan.

Coaches get in on the fun, too.

Athletics did a quick summary of some of these - and other - places in an additional tweet. Rutgers folks do get around.

But if you’re going to talk Jersey in the summer, you’re going to talk the Jersey shore, from Sandy Hook to Cape May. Great beaches, lots of fun. Good stuff. And the Athletic Department didn’t pass on the opportunity to promote that very special part of Jersey.

Did I hear somebody mention pizza? Not the stuff from the chains....that is called pizza but it is not pizza. Pizza is made in a small store, owned by a local guy/family and they pride themselves on making the best pie. Every pizza place in New Jersey claims it has the best pizza in the state. And they’re all right.

The pizza and beach survey

Okay, hit the comments section and tell us your favorite beach/shore town and your favorite pizza place. If anyone mentions a chain, I will personally delete that response!