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Rutgers Treasure Hunter: Eric LeGrand on a trading card....again

Topps Allen & Ginter to honor LeGrand with a new card this Wednesday

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Eric LeGrand is a person whose story has transcended his time as a Rutgers football player. He has become an inspiration for thousands of people through his work with Team LeGrand and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation.

And now, for the second time, Eric is getting his own trading card.

“Topps Allen & Ginter baseball cards feature people beyond the diamond such as world champions or well known figures,” said Dan Kinton, Topps Vice President of Marketing. “Eric LeGrand embodies everything that Allen & Ginter is about with his sensational spirit and inspiriting attitude. We are proud to have him on one of our trading cards again.”

The card will be available for purchase beginning this Wednesday. Here’s a look at it:

Jerry Milani

Unknown to me, Eric was also featured in a 2012 Topps Football set.

If you’re a collector or a Rutgers fan, getting a hold of this card should be a goal. It will be for me as I add to my card collection. I go primarily - well, almost exclusively - with baseball cards. But Rutgers is always on my radar and the LeGrand card is now on my shopping list.

“It’s definitely a really cool opportunity,” LeGrand told Chris Nalwasky of Rutgers247 about being in the A&G set. “It's a blessing to have my face on that card and I couldn't be more thankful. I think it's an amazing gesture for them to reach out to me to have my own Topps card.”

2017 Topps Allen & Ginter comes out on July 19. It can be found in local hobby shops, Target, Walmart and online retailers. Allen & Ginter has been a Topps brand for more than 10 years and since it’s beginning, it has featured non-baseball people of world champions in various sports such as tennis, boxing, gold, eating, but also celebrities.

While I know and love Topps - it is the baseball card - I don’t know Allen & Ginter that well. They try to create a vintage look with their cards and have created some fun cards in addition to the traditional salute to great athletes. For example, they created one of Gene Hackman as Coach Norman Dale in Hoosiers as well as sports media personalities such as Jay Glazer, Allie LaForce and Stephen A. Smith.

The card will be available at local hobby shops, Target, Walmart and online retailers.