Janarion Grant's return in 2017 will be like Christian Bale in "Dark Knight Rises"


Janarion Grant is the most explosive and talented player on the Rutgers current roster. During the 2016 season, Grant was a dynamic player who scored in multiple ways including three rushing touchdowns, one kick return touchdown, one punt return touchdown, and a passing touchdown within the first three games. Grant symbolized the hope for Rutgers just like Batman for Gotham. When he pressed his cleats onto the turf, Rutgers fans always felt that the Scarlet Knights had a chance to be competitive.

However, things changed dramatically during the first B1G Ten matchup against Iowa Hawkeyes. The game was extremely low scoring with both teams delivering goose eggs on offensive during the first half. In the 2nd quarter with 4:38 left on the their own 20 yard line, Rutgers QB Chris Laviano throws a screen pass to Janarion Grant that turned that play into a 76 yard gain. Grant avoided many tacklers with his uncanny speed and juke moves. Before getting tackled, Iowa CB Desmond King accidentally stepped on Grant's ankle which ended his season. The air out the stadium disappeared and the momentum of the game dramatically changed. Rutgers didn't score on that drive and only had one touchdown in the Iowa game. Rutgers fell to Iowa 14-7.

Grant's injury was like the movie scene in "Dark Knight Rises" when the antagonist Bane breaks Batman's back. Bane takes Batman into a dark and murky well where prisoners can't escape. Bane taunts him and says "there can be no true despair without hope." That narrative became very true because Rutgers didn't win a game since that injury. The offense suffered with four shutouts including a 78-0 lost against Michigan at home. Fans became very despondent and disappointed with each game and hope dwindled like in "Dark Knight Rises". The city of Gotham became unstable without Batman which is similar to the Scarlet Knights season.

Nonetheless, every superhero movie ends in on a good note. In 2017, Janarion Grant could've opted out of Rutgers and prepare for the NFL Draft. Instead, Grant decided to stay with the Knights for another season which brought back hope to the team and Rutgers fan base. B1G Ten honored in for pre-season First Team All-Big Team player as a kick returner which recognizes his capabilities and talents on the field. His return is significant for Rutgers to compete in the B1G Ten and give the offense that spark that it desperately needs again.

Grant will return to Piscataway like Batman and be the hero that Rutgers deserves.


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