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EXCLUSIVE: Rutgers Wrestling Commit Stephan Glasgow, National HS Wrestler of the Year, talks with OTB

A two-time New Jersey state champion, Glasgow will be donning the scarlet come the fall News/Home News Tribune with permission

The biggest difference between the highest level wrestling programs and Rutgers might be the depth. Rutgers might have, say, three or four ranked wrestlers. A Penn State, though, might have eight or nine.

And it would come down to recruiting the best, bringing in the multiple-time state champions. Like Anthony Ashnault. And now, like Stephan Glasgow.

Glasgow, a two-time state champion out of Bound Brook High School, will be a Scarlet Knight in the fall. And in this 152-pound titlist, Scott Goodale has himself a big time performer. “Stephan is a great talent and has demonstrated throughout his high school career that he is one of the top scholastic wrestlers in the country,” said Goodale. “We’re excited to work with him and get him ready to compete at the collegiate level.”

And this year, he’s not just “one of the top scholastic wrestlers in the country”, he’s the top wrestler.

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I had an in with Stephan; I coached him in eighth grade (and probably did very little to advance his talents). He agreed to talk with us about his career and his decision to come to Rutgers.

On the Banks: Simple one to start: Why did you choose Rutgers?

Stephan: I picked Rutgers because it’s so close to home. I like being close to everything that I got used to and I think it will help me in the long run.

OTB: What did you see in Coach Goodale that attracted you? What did he tell you about the program that made a difference in your thinking?

Stephan: I think he’s a great guy. Loud, always has lots of energy, and knows how to run a team. He showed me what this team can be if I joined and how they are looking to climb and to become the best team. And I’m all for it.

OTB: Do you see Rutgers as a national power now/in the near future?

Stephan: Yes I do see them as a national power team now and in the future.

OTB: When did you start wrestling and what drew you to the sport?

Stephan: I started in fifth grade and my coach told me and my dad to try it out and - boom - I just started wrestling

OTB: What was it like to win your first state title? Then what was it like to win the second? What feelings and thoughts went through your head as you stepped on the mat and then when you had your hand raised?

Stephan: When I won my first title, I just thought, “It’s about time”. But the feeling I had after my second title was crazy. It was the best feelings in the world. Before I stepped on the mat I was too nervous to move, but somehow just got over it and wrestled. Getting my hand raised and winning was such a rush. It didn’t hit me that I won until I was alone in my room.

OTB: Are you excited about wrestling just eight miles from home? What does that mean to you?

Stephan: I’m really excited about wrestling so close. It’s home for me. I wanted to stay home and wrestle in front my friends and family.

OTB: Do you think you’re ready to wrestle at the D1 level right now?

Stephan: I feel like I’m ready to wrestle at a D1 level. Of course, I have a lot to learn, but I’ve been getting a feel for the D1 level by wrestling some other guys

OTB: Do you think other New Jersey high school wrestlers will look at you, at Anthony Ashnault, and others and say, I want to stay home and wrestle at Rutgers, too?

Stephan: I think they will see how well we are doing while staying home and they will want to join us.

OTB: What goals have you set for yourself as you head to college?

Stephan: My main goal is to be successful. In the classroom and on the mat. My biggest challenge will getting used to the classroom work. It’s a lot harder then high school.

Stephan did not just limit himself to wrestling while growing up. He told us he used to play soccer, football, basketball, and lacrosse. He is a talented athlete, and a pretty well grounded young man. And while he isn’t sure yet of his college major, he knows that the challenges will be there and he looks forward to meeting them.

We want to thank Stephan for taking the time to answer our questions and we, of course, wish him the best at Rutgers.