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Rutgers’ R B1G Build: Time for a bake sale

You want to raise money - what’s the one thing that every group does? And who doesn’t love brownies?

Rodale's Organic Life Presents: The Farm2Fork Festival - Day 1 Photo by Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for Rodale

Okay, we might have gotten a little off track here.

The recent R B1G Build-a-thon, as our Dave White called it, did a bang up job of raising a quick $400K for the campaign. It was a grass roots effort by Jeff and Amy Towers and Ron and Joanna Garruti to get new donors - that’s the key - to donate. And it worked.

And there was the added bonus that Pat Hobbs apparently promised to go on Twitter if it all worked. Voila!

And we cannot forget our biggest cheerleader - Jon Newman - who loves Twitter almost as much as he loves Rutgers. He was relentless in tweeting about this drive and updating everyone along the way.

But Johnny didn’t stop once the numbers were in. Oh, no. This was just the tip of the iceberg for him, the start of bigger things. He wanted more, and he went to Twitter to get people riled up to come up with other ways to raise bucks. So he asked....

And the ideas came. These were from tweets:

Raffle off trip to travel with team, @PatHobbsRU & @baumsarah to away RU sporting event of winner's choice. Or 1 raffle for each of 24 teams [Turns out this is not allowed, but we’re tweaking it]

Could do auctions through bidding for good. And really publicize #RB1GBUILD at football games. More season ticket holders need to give!

giving fundraisers the ability to take credit cards at sporting events. RU needs Squares. It's 2017...

Then came the coup de grace!

Our Dave White - again - wrote this genius suggestion in his tweet:

I think the best bet is to look at what school who have low donor rates and have recently succeeded did. And mimic that.

Also: Bake Sale.

Of course! A bake sale! And the idea took off.

And it didn’t stop.

Come on, how many of you knew that there were edge brownie pans? Don’t ever - EVER - say you don’t learn stuff here at On the Banks.

Not only did @nursemegg tell us about the edge brownie pan, she’s prepping for the first batch.

Now, whether or not R Fund actually runs a bake sale is still a question. But the folks who are counting the money appreciated the feedback, and want more.

Got an idea to grow the donor family? Let’em know.

Want to donate to R Fund? Do it here.

Donate specifically to the R B1G Build? That would be here.

Final Thought: Chewy or cake brownies?


When Rutgers has its bake sale, do we go with chewy brownies or cake brownies?

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  • 91%
    Chewy - anything else is insanely stupid
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  • 8%
    Cake - I know it’s wrong but....
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