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Super Bowl LI Live Thread: Rutgers Football Is Everywhere

Watch several features on Rutgers alums, read what to watch for in this game and join us in the comment section!

Washington Redskins v New England Patriots Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images

As you know by now, Rutgers football has the most former players that will be on the field for Super Bowl LI, other than Alabama. The game will air at 6:30 p.m. EST on Fox.

When the Atlanta Falcons have the ball and the New England Patriots are on defense, all four former active players will be involved in the action. Here is our game preview and what to watch for when Mo Sanu of the Falcons is lined up across from Logan Ryan, his former roommate at Rutgers, as well as Devin McCourty and Duron Harmon in the secondary of the Patriots.

We also profiled all former Rutgers football players who have been in Super Bowls over the years. There is quite a bit of history there.

Join us in the comment section during the game to talk shop on how the Scarlet Knights are lighting up the field. I’ll set the over/under how many times Rutgers is mentioned in this game at 11, with the number of complaints over people on twitter at 1,100. It should be a blast for every Rutgers fan watching the best offense and best defense in football representing the school and program we all love!

Fox Sports did a profile with the Patriots trio from Rutgers in their pregame show, which is here:

Here is a behind the scenes from RVision on the segment.

This is a tremendous video Rutgers Football put out this week:

Rutgers is represented everywhere! Former walk-on and captain, a Super Bowl champion in his own right, Shaun O’Hara is at work with the NFL Network.

And loyal son Eric LeGrand was featured in a segment with CBS about his former teammates playing on Super Bowl Sunday.

Leave it to the men’s basketball game to point out the best part of tonight’s big game!

I hope everyone has fun watching the game and let’s hope all of the Rutgers alums play well in the big game!