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From the Cheap Seats: 4 Thoughts on Penn State

Rutgers wins another thriller.

NCAA Basketball: Rutgers at Penn State Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

Corey Sanders: With Nigel Johnson sidelined with an injury, Corey played a yeoman’s game. He scored 25 points, had 6 rebounds and 4 assists. And he played 39 of 40 minutes. Sanders stepped it up when the team needed him most and willed the Scarlet Knights to their first ever Big Ten road win. He also starred in the big time moments, making threes when the team needed him to most.

Jake Dadika: Dadika came in again and played some important minutes to try and give MIke Williams and Corey a rest when they needed it. Dadika didn’t stand out in the box score, but he was steady and played some good defense. Good to know Pikiell can go to him in an emergency.

Free Throws: Good lord, make a free throw! That said—Mike Williams saved them time and again. From making threes to rebounding like a real grinder... man that kid is the X Factor. This is a great win, but it played out like a Rutgers game. They need to get stronger and DUNK the ball under the basket... too many times they go for a lay-up and get fouled. So they miss their free throws. Sorry, this is rambling.

The New Superstition: Oh, I really don’t like this one. Rutgers has now won two Big Ten games when I had to DVR them. That means I didn’t see them live. In fact, today, I was at a party in an unfamiliar NJ area. My Fitbit notifies me when I get texts so I had to turn the phone off. I wouldn’t even turn it on to use Google Maps. I really hate watching taped games. I want to watch them live. Please don’t turn this into a thing. Please?

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