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Rutgers Knight Caps: We’re catching up on all kinds of stuff

There’s a ton of stuff we can’t always get to immediately. So here’s some long overdue items about your favorite school.

AAC Basketball Tournament - Quarterfinal Round - Rutgers v Louisville Photo by Joe Murphy/Getty Images

Foxboro & Piscataway....puhrfect together

Alright, let’s get this out of the way first. Patriots won. Not happy. RU guys got more rings. Happy.

But the PR that Rutgers got out of this was IN. CRED. I. BLE.

Uh oh!

World Class Time

Izaiah Brown is one of the true bright spots in the track program. And he’s fast Brown’s time in the 400m is currently the top mark among Big Ten athletes heading into this week’s Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championships from Feb. 24-25. It is also the second fastest time nationally and fourth fastest result in the world. Right...the world.

Put it in the hole!

Men’s Golf opened the spring season at the Big Ten Match Play in Florida and knocked off Michigan and Ohio State. Nice start.

If you want to compete....

If you had a spare $8-9 million, you could have named the fields anything you wanted. But, you didn’t - or you just couldn’t pull the trigger and write the check - so Jeff and Amy Towers get to do that. With the renovations, RU ups the ante in the arms race. At least for now.

Media is the message

The media - whether graphics or video - coming out of Rutgers Athletics has been phenomenal. It is eye-catching and visually stunning. And part of it is due to the work of Austin Koon, a Football Videographer at Rutgers. His story was highlighted by Front Office Sports.

Men’s Lacrosse and Men’s Hoops...puhrfect together

Bill Tharp is our new Men’s lacrosse guy and he’s been documenting the squad’s 2-0 start. And the Athletic Department wants you to come out and see them play. They’d actually like you to come out and see both men’s basketball and men’s lacrosse on March 4.

As the team celebrates its 100th season - not to mention a No. 14 ranking - you can see them for free if you go to the men’s basketball game and show your ticket. The basketball game against Illinois is the season finale and it starts at 12:00 noon. Out of your seats, into your car, catch the lacrosse game starting at 2:30. Easy peasy.

Grace and power

Women’s Gymnastics sells out. They have competed well in one of the toughest conferences in the country. They are 10-7 and will be hosting the Big Ten Women’s Gymnastics Championships at the RAC. They just lost to the University of Illinois-Chicago by .075 points. Yes, you read that right and that’s how insanely close these scores get. And whilr in Chicago, guess who stopped by to watch?

And, as I said, the Big Ten is coming to Piscataway in just under a month.

The guy is everywhere

Ladies and gentlemen....Pat Hobbs. Again.

Taylor Ham....pork’s still salty

And you have to wash it down with something. LBI has something to offer you for that purpose.

A closing note that I promise is worth your time

This has nothing to do with Rutgers, nothing to do with sports.

Greg Tufaro is a sports writer for Gannett. Greg Tufaro is a good guy. And at the end of January, he and his wife Cyndi lost their 13-year old daughter Marisa.

He used to be the Rutgers beat writer but a few years ago said he was giving that up, moving to high school sports, in order to spend more time with his family. When he told me that, I didn’t know what that meant, what the deeper reason was. I do now. Please read his story. It will take you a few minutes, but please trust me when I say it is worth your time.

Now, when you stop crying, you can honor Marisa, Greg, and Cyndi with a gift to Make-A-Wish by clicking here.