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Rutgers Football Recruiting: a map for those who need to see from whence they come

Yes, I taught geography and you’re stuck with me

NCAA Football: New Mexico at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

You’ve seen the tweets, you’ve read the posts, you may have even seen their highlight videos.

But have you seen the map!?

If you’re like me - and fortunately most of you aren’t - you’re a visual learner. You learn and absorb information better if you see it. So for those of you who are visual learners - or who like maps or geography or just can’t stop reading stuff about Rutgers football recruits - here is the Rutgers Recruiting Map. Or maps.

New Jersey

We broke it down into north and south. It had long been an issue that Rutgers was not getting a lot of kids out of south Jersey. It had been changing and Ash brought in some good ones from south of I-195. And don’t we all love the Creeks.

North Jersey has long been a good place for RU to recruit. The parochial schools have often been s mixed bag, with this year Hudson County being the focus.

The Northeast

Not much outside of New Jersey and NYC. One from Maryland and two from PA. A rather mundane number from the “State of Rutgers”. But wait...there’s more!

The Flyover States

Okay, who saw this one coming? And don’t tell me you figured the former tOSU DC would work that area! Several recruits from areas that generally don’t send a lot of players to New Brunswick. Yet, there they are.

And tell me you just love Kickapoo High School! How could you not!

And then there’s what’s not on the map

Maybe next year.

For a full look on the entire 2017 recruiting class, click here.