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Rutgers Football 2017 National Signing Day Live Thread

We will update who officially committed to head coach Chris Ash on his 2nd signing day at Rutgers, as well as open the comment section for discussion.

NCAA Football: Howard at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to our running live thread for National Signing Day! As Rutgers Football officially announces each new member of the class of 2017, we will add the tweet and our NSD post for each recruit. Also, please use the comment section to discuss all the news of NSD, as we work to keep you up to date with the latest throughout this exciting day! You can also view our entire National Signing Day Story Stream here. Let’s hope for a strong finish from head coach Chris Ash and his staff, as he signs the second class of his tenure on the banks. Ready, set, go RU!

Official Members Of The Class Of 2017

Brendan Devera

To read more on Brendan Devera, click here.

Bo Melton

To read more on Bo Melton, click here.

Mike Tverdov

To read more on Mike Tverdov, click here.

Olakunle Fatukasi

To read more on Olakunle Fatukasi, click here.

CJ Onyechi

To read more on CJ Onyechi, click here.

Johnathan Lewis

To read more on Johnathan Lewis, click here.

Tyler Hayek

To read more on Tyler Hayek, click here.

Jaohne Duggan

To read more on Jaohne Duggan, click here.

Ryan Anderson

To read more on Ryan Anderson, click here


Shameen Jones

To read more on Shameen Jones, click here.

Everett Wormley

To read more on Everett Wormley, click here.

Hunter Hayek

To read more on Hunter Hayek, click here.

Brendan Bordner

To read more on Brendan Bordner, click here.

Eddie Lewis

To read more on Eddie Lewis, click here.

Owen Bowles

To read more on Owen Bowles, click here.

Edwin Lopez

To read more on Edwin Lopez, click here.

Naijee Jones

To read more on Naijee Jones, click here.

Samuel Vretman

To read more on Sam Vretman, click here.

Micah Clark

To read more on Micah Clark, click here.

Jamaal Beaty

For more on Jamaal Beaty, click here.

Travis Vokolek

To read more on Travis Vokolek, click here.

Tyshon Fogg

To read more on Tyshon Fogg, click here.

Elijah Barnwell

To read more on Elijah Barnwell, click here.

Damon Mitchell

To read more on grad transfer Damon Mitchell, click here.

Tijaun Mason

To read more on Tijaun Mason, click here.

Tim Barrow

To read more on Tim Barrow, click here.

Syhiem Simmons

To read more on Syhiem Simmons, click here.

Raheem Blackshear

To read more on Raheem Blackshear, click here.

Now that NSD is complete, vote here on how you grade the 2017 class.