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So, besides money, why do they play conference championship games?

Hmmm. Really, there doesn’t seem to be any reason

NCAA Football: Big Ten Championship-Ohio State vs Wisconsin Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, I lied.

Yes, this is another post on attendance. But it really will be the last. Unless I do one on the bowl games....maybe.

So, Ohio State plays the No. 6 team in the country and beats it. Alabama doesn’t win its division. And we all know who is and isn’t playing in the CFP.

Ohio State - champion of the Big Ten - is on the outside looking in while the championship game winners of the ACC, SEC, and Big 12 are playing. And remember, the ACC champion, Clemson, lost to Syracuse.

But who said the CFP made sense?

So let’s go to the figures never lie and liars never figure part of this post.

I’m sure there were a lot of ‘Bama fans who were able to sell their unneeded tickets to the championship game to their Auburn “friends”, and at a hefty premium. The way Penn State fans had to unload their tickets to the B1G title game.

On the Banks graphics

With Georgia, in essence, playing at home in Atlanta, the SEC not surprisingly had the largest crowd among the P5 conference title games. The Big Ten didn’t quite sell out 70,000 seat Lucas Oil Stadium, but the Badgers’ and Buckeyes’ fans made their presence known in Indianapolis.

The AAC plays it’s championship game at a campus site, guaranteeing a good crowd and UCF, as it says good bye to coach Scott Frost, didn’t disappoint at Spectrum Stadium. Then again, neither did the game!

Then there’s the PAC 12. With Stanford being only 11 miles from Levi’s Stadium, it’s a little surprising that there wasn’t a bigger crowd in the 68,500 seat arena. On the other hand, maybe it was Stanford and its fans’ fault. Apparently there are those who feel the Trojans are being done dirty by the PAC 12 and that they might actually be better off as an independent. Maybe USC fans just boycotted.

And Rutgers even gets a mention!