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Early Signing Day: where does Rutgers rank?

Never an absolute guarantee of on-field results, it still gives you an idea of what you’re working with

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As of this writing, there were 18 student-athletes who had signed on with Rutgers football during the early signing period. As you can follow with On the Bank’s signing day thread and our headquarters post, it includes an array of positions.

And it also puts the Rutgers class in the top 40 position on the national stage. Using the rankings from 247Sports, Rutgers is at No. 40 in the ranking. That’s a six spot upward move since we last looked at the rankings in early October. And recall that at that time, Rutgers was 1-4 after getting drubbed by Ohio State.

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Four Big Ten schools - Maryland (-1), Wisconsin (-4), Nebraska (-7), and Northwestern (-11) dropped in the ranking. Iowa jumped up an amazing 20 spots with the current signings.

Since we first looked at the class of 2018’s rankings in June (waaaay too early), Rutgers has steadily climbed in position, both on the national stage and within the conference. At this juncture, we are only using the 247Sports rankings.

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Two days ago, BTN’s Gerry DiNardo did his most recent update of the East and West Division’s ranking.

And that does color the Rutgers results just a tad. Within the East Division, Rutgers comes in at No. 6 among seven teams. The division average ranking is certainly skewed due to the teams at the top. Take out Ohio State and Penn State and the average rank drops to 27.

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In terms of the teams that are in the same ball park as Rutgers, the Knights are in pretty good company. The five above and below are all P5 schools - as you’d expect - and recruit nationally.

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