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For Rutgers soccer & lacrosse, a gift challenge for a new facility

Ground was broken on the RWJBarnabas Health Performance Center - must be time to pony up for soccer and lacrosse


This is the kind of support that Rutgers needs more of to move forward.

The groundbreaking took place and the earth movers are having their way with the rocky red soil next to the RAC as construction on the RWJBarnabas Health Performance Center gets under way. Which means one thing: what’s next on the building agenda?

The answer seems to be the Soccer/Lacrosse facility that is planned for somewhere near Yurcak Field. And so it only seems right that a fundraising campaign - part of the R B1G Build - gets underway for that.

Helping the process along is lacrosse letterwinner and supporter Barry Goldsmith. Goldsmith has joined with R Fund for a challenge fundraiser. He is matching every gift to the facility up to $200,000, meaning he could be the catalyst for $400,000 in new money. All donations will be applied to the new Lacrosse and Soccer complex which is part of the Big Ten Build campaign. This state-of-the-art facility will include dedicated training and equipment spaces for each program, new lounges and meeting spaces, offices, and locker rooms that will not be shared with visiting teams.

As of the writing of this post, the campaign was more than a quarter of the way to its goal with just under $60,000 raised.

A link to the challenge campaign is here.

Finding major, or “lead”, donors like Barry Goldsmith is important in any project such as this. Every donation counts, but getting the large amounts, especially if they encourage others to join in as this one does, moves the needle that much more.

Since the end of September, the R B1G Build added about $1.8 million, bringing the total to just under $76 million.

There have obviously been some changes in the design as time has gone on. Originally, the soccer/lacrosse facility also included tennis; no more. The exterior has also gone through some changes as seen here.