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Rutgers & B1G Attendance: Best game, smallest crowd...please, tell me why!

I still don’t understand. Come on, enlighten me.

NCAA Football: Maryland at Rutgers
O Linemen don’t get enough face time!
Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s open with a quick survey. Look at this list of weather conditions and tell me which one you would prefer to be in to watch a football game. Write it down on your sticky note and put it on the screen.

Okay, keep that thought as we continue.

Yankee Stadium

“It’s terrible, giving up a home game.”

“The sight lines are awful, it’s a baseball stadium.”

“You can’t tailgate there....horrible.”

“Why does it have to be in the season package?”

“Too much trouble, too many tolls. I hate it!”

“I won’t watch them in the Bronx.”

So, the story went that a lot of people just weren’t going to watch the Maryland doubleheader at Yankee Stadium. Maybe even protesting by not going. And they had all those excuses ready to go as to why they wouldn’t go to the Bronx.

Yeah, well, we didn’t play in the Bronx. It was Piscataway....where everyone wanted it. And our attendance was awful.


Rutgers’ smallest crowd of the season - of...the...season - turned out (sorta) to watch what turned out to be a great game. And Rutgers third win in four tries against the Big Ten.

Remember our survey from above? Go retrieve your sticky note; which weather report would you want for the game you watched. If you said “58, mostly sunny” you picked the weather in Piscataway for Saturday’s game against Maryland. Arguably the best weather in the Big Ten that day. And still the smallest crowd in the conference.

Okay, the defenses for not showing up:

“Rutgers hasn’t shown me anything.”

“Watching them is like watching paint dry/grass grow.”

Maybe the crowds were small, but they were vocal. And maybe that’s better than a full house! Because, in truth, if you’re going to get there late and leave early, you aren’t helping. Because if you look, Rutgers does have passionate fans - including students - who want to be a part of the show. Just not enough of them!

Watching paint dry? Do you remember 2-10? How about 78-0? The nine game losing streak to end 2016 and the 15 game losing streak in the B1G? We’re now here:

If you made it to the game, thank you. And thank the team for giving you a really good game to watch. Chris Ash appreciated it.

A home field advantage. Wow, what a concept.