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The Curious Case of Janarion Grant

The Biggest Mystery on the Scarlet Knights

Purdue v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

It’s beginning to feel like a century ago when Janarion Grant scored a kickoff return or punt return. This dude is the ultimate player for Rutgers for the past four seasons by accumulating 8 KR/PR touchdowns which electrified Piscataway on numerous occasions. Janarion Grant is one of the most exciting players in Rutgers’ history and the question remains, will Grant make an impact this 2017?

Grant is literally sitting on history. One more kickoff return or punt return and he breaks the Big Ten record and would tie Dante Pettis of Washington for the NCAA record. However, Grant is unable to get that breakout touchdown which brings many questions and concerns. Is he still injured from the Iowa game from last year? After a 76 yard catch from a screen pass, Janarion Grant hurt his ankle which caused him to miss the rest of the 2016 season. Grant worked diligently to rehab his ankle for the 2017 season. He played his first game against #7 ranked Washington Huskies and caught a touchdown from graduate transfer Kyle Bolin. Since that game, Grant has disappeared from the box score. No punt returns, no kickoff returns. Some may ponder if the ankle injury is still lingering and causing him to not perform at highest level. Grant has been in and out of games during the season which questions his current health status.

A ray of hope presented itself during the Michigan game where Janarion Grant scores a 66 yard rush touchdown to tie the game against the Wolverines. That spark came back which gave the fans a thrill again. However, no punt returns or kickoff returns for touchdowns. Will Grant ever break the record?

I nicknamed Janarion Grant as “Batman” because he is the hero that Rutgers deserved. Grant could've skipped this year and entered the NFL combine to prove his merit to the pros but he decided to comeback like a loyal son to Banks of the Old Raritan. His return shows his dedication for the program and also shows that he believes in head coach Chris Ash’s vision for Rutgers. Health has been an issue directly related to Grant’s production decrease, as he has missed several games and left a few others early. Hopefully, he is feeling better this week. I think Janarion Grant just needs one opportunity break a kickoff and punt return to tie the record. Hopefully, Batman “rises” to the occasion this Saturday against the Indiana Hoosiers.

Eastern Michigan v Rutgers
Will Grant break the record before his senior year is over?
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images