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A new Homecoming Show from the Marching Scarlet Knights

The band welcomes back its alumni for a big halftime


It’s Rutgers Homecoming 2017.

Alumni returning to “the banks”, lots of food and drink, alumni groups setting up tables to welcome back grads, more food and drink, lots of pomp and pageantry.

And, of course, the Marching Scarlet Knights. Which pretty much defines pomp and pageantry!

We’ve not written much about them recently, but with Homecoming - and the alumni band making an appearance - we reached out to Band Director Todd Nichols for some thoughts on how he will be celebrating his first Rutgers Homecoming.

It is time to welcome back alums and when weasked Todd about the show, his enthusiasm was palpable. “This week's show is a BIGGIE!!!!!! It is entitled entitled We "R" Family and it will celebrate two things:

  1. Our RU Band family... past, present, and future
  2. The support of all families in the fight against breast cancer”

In addition, Saturday is high school band day, and Nichols expects - with the band alumni - to see about 600 musicians throughout the day. And you thought organizing your tailgate was challenging!

The band’s half time show will be a three part program, celebrating the Pride of New Jersey’s” past, present,, eh, eh! Not so fast, my friend. In this case celebrating the Rutgers family and the fight against breast cancer.

PART 1 - "R" MSK Heritage

In the first part of the halftime show, selections (combined in performance with our band alumni) will showcase the history of the RU Marching Scarlet Knights, including Loyal Sons, The Bells Must Ring, Colonel Rutgers, and our Alma Mater...On the Banks of the Old Raritan. Todd is making a point for fans to pay special attention to the video board for some extra enhancements, as well. The guy has all sorts of stuff going on!

PART 2 - We "R" now

The current members of the MSK will perform an up tempo and energetic performance of the Rolling Stones's Paint it Black. I know, save it for a blackout game. Hey, there isn’t one this year! Enjoy the music!!

PART 3 - We "R" Family

The band will join forces with the RU Dance Team and Cheerleaders to perform the legendary hit We are Family to showcase the unity within our RU Band and Athletic program as well as solidarity in the fight against breast cancer. You can expect just over 700 performers joining together for this incredible moment.

700. I think someone wrote that was maybe what they had in the student section at Illinois. But I digress.

Nichols is looking forward to this new show for Homecoming. “We are very excited for this show. It is going to be amazing having our alumni back in town while welcome the next generation of Marching Scarlet Knights, all while supporting an incredible cause!”

Okay, fans, there it is. A new show, never seen before. So, stay in your seats. Go to the bathroom between the first and second period. The marching band is part of the gameday experience.

Be there!