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Throw Back Thursday: this week in Rutgers football history, week 8

October - at least the dates here - was not always kind to the guys in scarlet

Rutgers v Illinois
Aaah! Good times!
Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The return to action following the bye week was OH! So good. Finally....everybody got to breathe a little. So, it’s Homecoming. Let’s look back.

This Rutgers....Football....History (*echoing* history...history....history)

Last year: October 15 It was Homecoming at Rutgers with Illinois coming to Piscataway. Not a good visit by the Illini or for the Rutgers faithful. Rutgers dropped its homecoming game, 24-7. Junior running back Robert Martin led the Knights in rushing with 95 yards on 16 attempts, while junior quarterback Giovanni Rescigno went 10-for-18 passing for 120 yards and one touchdown. Rutgers got on the board on the first play of the fourth quarter, as Rescigno hit tight end senior Nick Arcidiacono in the back of the end zone with a jump pass over defenders.

Yeah, never mind.

Let’s turn on the Way Back Machine, Sherman. Set it for.....

1981: October 17 and the Knights are hosting Temple. RU would go 5-6 that year and this was one of the numbers on the right-hand side of the ledger, as the Owls topped Rutgers, 24-12.

Head Coach Frank Burns adorns the cover

As reported in the New York Times, there was little to celebrate on the home side.

The only measure of satisfaction for Rutgers was in Alex Falcinelli's four field goals, a Scarlet record. Until today, the 150-pound specialist had shared the mark at three with two other players.

''We were just outplayed,'' said Coach Frank Burns of Rutgers. ''Temple deserved to win. It moved the ball extremely well and showed an ability to get it into the end zone, something we sure didn't do. Our tackling was atrocious to say the least.''

1970: On its way to a 5-5 record, the Knights hosted Tubby Raymond and his Delaware Blue Hens on, again, October 17. Rutgers would face its fourth straight loss as the visitors racked up a 51-21 victory.

The artwork of Bill Canfield shows the old press box in the background along with the “winged” helmets of Delaware

1969: College football’s centennial continued as Rutgers hosted the Middies of the Naval Academy on October 18.

It was Hall of Fame day and the day’s current players look back at their predecessors on the gridiron

After opening the season with three straight wins, the Knights stumbled against Lehigh but bounced back in this game to win, 20-6. Rutgers would go 6-3 in this centennial year.

The program then included a short overview of the band’s halftime show. The Marching One Hundred was given its due; maybe, with a new band director, it’s time to bring back that feature.

1954: There used to be a feature in the sports section: the Sagarin Ratings. At one time in my youth, the College of William & Mary was so bad at football, the Sagarin Ratings referred to it as Bill & Mary. Well, on October 26, Bill & Mary weren’t that bad as they gave the Scarlet their fourth straight loss to open the season, 14-7. Rutgers would go 3-6 that year, a season that also included a visit to Happy Valley.

And just because we can.....

Rutgers co-captains John O’Hearn and Angelo Iannucci standing in front of Old Queens at the Princeton cannon

Bring back the captains photo at the cannon! But not the canvas pants.

1952: This was a road game on October 18. Rutgers traveled to Hanover, NH to face the Big Green of Dartmouth. After a season opening tie with Muhlenberg, the Queensmen lost their next three, including this one, 29-20.

The key element of this cover is that it was drawn by legendary New York sports cartoonist, Willard Mullins. It was obviously a stock cover used by many schools, but it has the signature caricature figures of a Mullins drawing. Great stuff!

And on the inside of the program was a piece on the college football hall of fame to be built in.....Piscataway.

The opening paragraph on this page explains that what you are looking at is “...the architect’s drawing for the National Football Foundation Hall of Fame, that has been projected for the heights to the North of the Rutgers University Stadium.” If you’re my age or older you recall the Busch Campus being referred to as “the Heights”. Pretty cool looking building....that we never saw.

Next week: Rutgers travels to AA (that’s Ann Arbor among we insiders) to take on the Khaki Pants. We’ll be here on #TBT to look at what happened the week of Oct. 22-28 in Rutgers....Football....History (*echoing* history...history....history)