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Rutgers Football Has Up And Down Weekend With Recruiting

Strap Yourself in Rutgers Fans, national signing day is a little more than two weeks away.

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Rutgers Football fans undoubtedly had a great Saturday night, unless you were diehard Seahawks and/or Texans fans. The Atlanta Falcons advanced to the NFC Championship with a win over the Seahawks and the New England Patriots advanced to the AFC Championship with a win over the Texans, meaning Rutgers Football fans have next weekend to watch four former Rutgers Alumnus compete at the highest level again. It’s also great for recruiting to see former players doing so well on the big stage.

If you weren't able to catch the action here is a breakdown of Saturday’s Divisional Playoff match-ups.

Mohammed Sanu scored a touch down late in the fourth quarter that sealed the deal for the Falcons.

As of for the New England Patriots, there stout secondary registered three interceptions, all from former Rutgers Football standouts.

New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick said it was a big day for Rutgers, and it certainly was:

Saturday’s euphoria quickly wore off due to the announcement and sudden departure of Rutgers Football Assistant Defensive Backs Coach Aaron Henry. Taken at face value, this is not overly concerning news as college football coaching positions has become like a revolving door, however Henry was heavily involved in recruiting and the reactions on social media were immediate.

In the end Rutgers Football has another coaching spot to fill with the loss of Henry. Additionally, Bryce Watts has officially decomitted from Rutgers, as has the only official 2018 commit Atrilleon Williams. While obviously not an ideal situation so close to National Signing Day, this has become more of the norm these days in recruiting and happens at the very best programs.

On the bright side, despite the loss of Bryce Watts the 2017 class is still very solid, and has already officially signed Micah Clark and Jamaal Beaty.

In addition to Micah Clark and Jamaal Beaty, Samuel Wretman and Brendan Bordner have officially enrolled.

Despite the loss of Bryce Watts, the 2017 class is still a very solid class, especially given the tall the task of a program rebuild and a disappointing 2-10 start in Coach Ash’s first season. Regardless, buckle up because National Signing Day will be here before you know it, and there are always twists and turns and unforeseen events that play out prior to NSD. But hey, this is why we love college football!