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Watch This Awesome Rutgers Video

NCAA Football: Ohio State at Rutgers Jim O'Connor-USA TODAY Sports

It’s late Friday afternoon and anyone who is at work is watching the clock countdown to the official start of the weekend. So here is a great video for all Rutgers fans to watch as the first week of work and school post-summer winds down.

The animation is excellent and highlights many historical figures and events, both of New Jersey and our beloved Rutgers.

The song in the video was obviously a version of the Rutgers alma mater, which of course is “On The Banks of the Old Raritan.” It was recorded by A Band of Rogues, an Irish-American band based from New York. I really like their sound.

You can click here to download their version of the Rutgers alma mater.

One more day to game two of the Ash Era of Rutgers Football.