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Who's Who Among Former Scarlet Knights in the NFL

Here's everyone who is currently on a roster

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Now that NFL teams have reached their mandatory 53-man rosters, I thought it would be a good idea to look at how many former Rutgers football alums are playing in the pro league.  The purpose is to tell you what team, position, placement on the depth chart, and number of years in the NFL.

We will enter the 2016 NFL season with a data base of who is who, and where, and what for the 2016 season.  As we move through the NFL season, I will do what I can to keep you updated on Rutgers alums, and how they are performing this season in the NFL.

Here's where we are right now:

Player Team Position Place on Depth Chart Years in NFL

Kenny Britt Los Angeles Rams Wide Receiver 1 8
Michael Burton Detroit Lions Fullback 1 2
Leonte Carroo Miami Dolphins Wide Receiver 4 R
Brandon Coleman New Orleans Saints Wide Receiver 2 3
Marcus Cooper Arizona Cardinals Defensive Back 2 4
Anthony Davis San Francisco 49ers Offensive Tackle 1 6*
Andrew DePaola Tampa Bay Buccaneers Long Snapper 1 3
Jonathan Freeny New England Patriots Linebacker 1 5
Duron Harmon New England Patriots Defensive Back 2 4
Clark Harris Cincinnati Bengals Long Snapper 1 8
George Johnson Tampa Bay Buccaneers Defensive End IR 7
Tyler Kroft Cincinnati Bengals Tight End 2 2
Jason McCourty Tennessee Titans Cornerback 1 8
Devin McCourty New England Patriots Defensive Back 1 7
Logan Ryan New England Patriots Cornerback 1 4
Mohamed Sanu Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver 1


Tim Wright Detroit Lions Tight End IR 4
Jeremy Zuttah Baltimore Ravens Guard 1


* Leave of absence in 2015.

*Correction*:  Linebacker Keven Snyder of the New England Patriots was hurt in his final preseason game and will be on the injured reserve for 2016.

One bit of good news is Anthony Davis, who returned to the San Francisco 49ers after a one year absence from the game, was named the starter at right guard.

In addition to the 53 man roster, each team is permitted to sign 10 players to a practice squad.  At this time, Quentin Gause was signed yesterday to the practice squad of the New England Patriots (yet another Rutgers alum in Foxboro), after being released from the Eagles' practice squad on Monday.  Another rookie, Steve Longa, who was released by Seattle Seahawks last week, was signed to the Detroit Lions yesterday as well.

So, the season kicks off tonight, when the Carolina Panthers visit the Denver Broncos.  Each Monday, I will do my best to give you all of the latest news of our former players who have turned pro. Enjoy Week 1!