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Touching Tribute For Nebraska Punter Sam Foltz

NCAA Football: Nebraska at Michigan State
Felt kicking a punt in October 2014
Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

One of the more touching tributes took place yesterday out in Lincoln, Nebraska to memorialize the passing of punter Sam Foltz, who was killed in a traffic accident outside Milwaukee in late July, just prior to the start of camp. Just before his death, he spoke about the upcoming season.

In the U.S. Air Force and Navy, when a comrade is lost, a funeral flyover often contains a “missing man” formation, giving tribute to the loss of the comrade as well as providing a tangible demonstration of how the loss impacts those around them, in this case their fellow comrades-in-arms.

70th Anniversary Of VE Day Commemorated In Washington DC
Missing Man formation commemorating 70th anniversary of end of World War II in vintage fighter planes.
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Here is a video of a missing man performed by the Navy’s Blue Angels after the recent loss of one of their pilots. It is a very moving tribute to those who have fallen.

In Lincoln yesterday, The Huskers had a tribute video and announced a scholarship in Foltz’s memory. However, the most moving tribute came in the first quarter, when the Huskers lined up for their first punt of the game.

A video of the event demonstrates that everyone in the stadium knew what they had planned. It was an event that moved many of the Husker players and coaches to tears.

As announcer Joe Bennati so poignantly stated:

Very classy, Nebraska. We are proud to be in the Big Ten and be a part of an organization that knows how to address such a difficult situation in such a dignified and memorable fashion. RIP Sam Foltz.