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Tailgater of the Week - Iowa Edition

Nestled in a corner of the Purple Lot, this week’s Tailgaters of the Week are long-time fans who actually have some members of the group who met because their seats in the stadium were close together!

Cliff Buck is the unofficial leader of this merry band, along with Ed Philipp. They actually have been tailgating for over 10 years, but the two met at the stadium. They enjoyed one another’s company so much they began to tailgate together in 2010. Originally, they were Blue Lot members, but as Ed said, “It gets a little crazy over there, so we moved here. So, we ‘downgraded’ to Purple, but we love the paved lot, love it.”

Members of the group meet at HPSS each week, but they travel from all over, with locations as varied as Connecticut, Easton, PA, Piscataway, and Jersey City. Three fraternity brothers were meeting each week, and joined up with their seatmates in the stadium, and they are now all meeting together.

This is not their first recognition as tailgaters, either. The group was named the Miller Light Tailgate of the Year for 2012 as well. It is easy to see why. This is a great group of friendly open folks who share a love of football, Rutgers and tailgating. How can you beat that?