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Robert Martin Breaks Out Big in Victory Over New Mexico

The lead back had 169 yards and a touchdown against the Lobos

Robert Martin carries the ball against New Mexico
Robert Martin carries the ball against New Mexico
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers had a nice comeback victory against an out-of-conference foe this Saturday. We all know the Lobos of New Mexico have a really good running game themselves, but how about Rutgers? New Mexico did out-rush us by 106 yards on Saturday, but one back from Rutgers had one hell of a game.

You guessed it. Robert Martin. He got his big day going when he broke out an 80 yard touchdown run to help drive the Knights to victory. Martin finished with 169 yards on 21 carries which is a beastly 8.0 yards a carry. It is another good performance from Rutgers' lead back, which is relieving considering he missed the Washington game due to a hamstring injury. It does not seem that hamstring is still bothering him based off of his performances.

The other backs for Rutgers, not such a great day. Rutgers only had 187 yards rushing against the Lobos, and Martin had 169 of them. The next best back after Martin was none other than Janarion Grant. He is not a back, but he is an athlete and he does do it all, so I will almost always include him in the rushing game as he usually gets a few rushes a game. He got 10 yards on 4 carries for a 2.5 average. This is a really low average for Grant, but the Lobos were ready for him to get the ball in the backfield and it showed.

Josh Hicks had 3 carries for 6 yards which is a 2.0 average. This is by far his worst game of the year despite the limited carries. When you have a back like Martin putting on a show like Martin did, you are going to keep him in the game. Therefore, Hicks had limited touches.

Justin Goodwin did not see a touch. This is interesting considering he was the leading rusher on the Washington game's depth chart. He had an alright game against Howard and now he is nowhere to be seen.

The other two yards in the rushing game came from our Quarterbacks. Chris Laviano and TCU transfer Zach Alleneach had one yard in this game. Nothing important, but I have to cover all carries so the numbers match up.

It really is nice to finally have our main back be established and have success. Now we need to figure out the passing game.

Janarion Grant, as I said before, can do anything. He threw one pass for 21 yards and a touchdown. His rating was 100.0, something Laviano dreams about. Seeing the left roll out throw he completed to Andre Patton for the touchdown brought in the chirps and pleads for him to just be the quarterback this season and to dump Laviano. I say let the QBR speak for itself...