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Rutgers Attendance: Some day, people, you're gonna be sorry you missed out

39,680? Really? You've got to be kidding me.

You guys are re-e-e-e-ally starting to bother me. An announced crowd of less than 40,000. Against a pretty decent out of conference opponent. And we can't can't over 50K? Yeah, we're Big Ten.

Well, if you had tickets and didn't go or you figured why bother because I just want to see the B1G lose! You missed a game that a) we won, b) we showed character and guts, and c) was a freakin' home game. Show. Up.

One other takeaway is that the fans blew it by not showing up.

39K is a disgrace.

Posted by thevinman on Sep 18, 2016

Sorry, people, but that attendance was sad and unacceptable. You want to be viewed as a real Big Ten school? You support your team. Regardless of opponent or weather or record. Stop being front runners and typical NY metro area fans.

Gonna be there for Iowa next week? Yeah, we'll see.

So what? How do others draw?

Glad you asked.

On Saturday, UConn (I know, I was the one who said we shouldn’t compare ourselves to them) hosted Virginia. And they hung on to win. And they drew 31,036 to Rentschler Field. UVa is now 0-3.

Former Big East foe USF traveled to Syracuse. And beat the Orange (snicker) in front of 32,288.

Louisville, which I think just scored another touchdown, was at home to then-No. 2 Florida State. Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium holds 55,000. They drew 55,632. That’s how you do it.

And just for kicks, let’s go back one week to the Battle of the Bay State between our old friends BC and UMass. It was technically a UMass home game and it drew....wait, I’m still laughing....25,112. Yeah, how’s that move to the ACC doing, guys?

Yes, we did better than UConn (I would hope so) and ‘Cuse (again, I’d hope so). But not by that much. And we are no different than they are if we continue to show up as we have. We have 28,000 or so season tickets. We need them all to be in attendance and we need the casual fan, too. You have your homework....get going.

Around the Big Ten

Only eight home games in the conference but three of them had over 90,000, including Penn State which drew just over 100K for Temple. For the third consecutive week, Michigan had over capacity at the Big House and karma is returning the favor to Mike Riley as Nebraska edged Oregon in front of a near capacity house. Northwestern had its biggest crowd of the year, but Ryan Field was still less than three-quarters full versus Duke. Illinois, after bringing in an early-season high last week against UNC, crashed back to earth with its smallest crowd in the loss to Western Michigan. So much for momentum.

Thus far this season, the Big Ten has drawn 2,084,033 to 31 contests, an average of 64,471.

Coming up....

There are four conference matchups next week, including Rutgers’Big Ten opener.


I’ll write that once more: I. O. Wa.

A very angry, hungry, and dangerous bunch of Hawkeyes. Be there!

This time, a noon start isn’t too bad because after seeing us upset UI, you’ll be able to have a drink and eat some more at your post-game tailgate before heading home to watching Penn State-Michigan at 3:30 followed by Nebraska-Northwestern at 7:30, Nice day of Big Ten football.