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Chris Ash Addresses the Media Following 37-28 Victory

Listen to what Coach has to say about the Lobos and the upcoming Hawkeyes

Coach Ash Against New Mexico
Coach Ash Against New Mexico
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Rutgers has a winning record now that they sit at 2-1. Many people predicted this to happen and Rutgers is still able to obtain a nice bowl game.Iowa did lose to North Dakota State University this week, an FCS team. Yes, they are very good in the FCS, but FCS nonetheless.

Rutgers came out very weak for the third time this season. Luckily Washington was the only really good team we played so we only lost one of those three games. Coach Ash, though, was honest with the press following today's victory. Laviano was mediocre, our defense was awful in the first quarter, and we muffed a punt.

Listen to what the Coach had to say himself following a comeback victory over New Mexico 37-28

Go Knights, Beat the Hawkeyes!