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Janarion Grant Can Do Anything

He Can Run, Catch, and even Throw!

Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Janarion Grant saved us last week against Howard. He had a muffed punt at the beginning of this game, but I think it is fair to say us Rutgers fans have faith in his abilities. A lot even want Grant to be our Quarterback over Chris Laviano. I would not necessarily be against that, especially after seeing this throw

Even our main football writer, Griffin Whitmer thinks we should make Janarion our QB. Again, this left roll-out beauty throw makes me think he is right and the fans have also started to think so as well.


Janarion Grant gets a 69-yard punt return touchdown to put Rutgers ahead 28-21 with a  minute left in the half.

What a beast. Get. Him. The. Ball.