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Rutgers vs. New Mexico Game Day Thread

Come join us in discussing the ups and downs of the game #BeatTheLobos

Tylin Oden Keeps the Carry Against Howard
Tylin Oden Keeps the Carry Against Howard
Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

Yes! Another beautiful Saturday for some college football action. This time around we get the treat of facing a team with an awesome nickname; the Lobos. I recently learned that "Lobo" is Spanish for "wolf." Not just any wolf however, the Lobo is the leader of the pack. This is now a match-up of Scarlet Knights and the Papa Wolves. Usually a Knight could beat a Papa Wolf in battle, but we will find out if that reigns true today.

The Lobos are really really good at running the ball and scoring. They are averaging nearly 325 yards a game this season. Luckily for us, Teriyon Gipson, the Lobos leading rusher, is not going to play due to concussion protocol. Unfortunately, they still have some really solid backs to carry the ball for them.

Rutgers defense and offense came alive last week against Howard, we just need to keep that momentum going. Join me all game long for my input on plays and drives and passes and runs. I will leave slight commentary and will always be sure to let you know when a touchdown occurs as soon as they happen. I will also throw in the highlights of the scores as they are made available.

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Now lets sit back and enjoy the battle of the Scarlet Knights and the Lobos.

Aaaaaandd they are on their way

The second Scarlet Walk of the season

1st Quarter

New Mexico gets the ball to start the game

Rutgers defense forces a punt, but Janarion Grant does not miraculous things as he muffs the punt.

The Lobos get the ball back and go up 7-0 on a one play drive that consisted of a TD rush

7-0 New Mexico

Rutgers has their chance to rebound and they do a good ol'fashioned three and out

Lamar Jordan gets the call as the Lobos get the ball back

4&2 on the Rutgers 32 for the Lobos and Tyrone Owens runs the ball for the first down

Rutgers barely misses the tipped ball pick. Following the Rutgers way we let New Mexico make the catch. Short gain, but we still should have had that

Finally a defensive stop. On 4&1 Rutgers stuffs Tyrone Owens for the turnover

Right when Laviano gets a good completion for chump yardage he cannot hit Janarion Grant in stride to get him the space he needs. Rutgers punts again.

Apodaca is back in for the Lobos. He runs on the keeper for the first down

Owens rushes for the first down on a third-down conversion. Rutgers' third-down stoppage rate is terrible this year

1:43 left in the 1st, a timeout is called. Chris Ash is seen going crazy on his defense. He is not happy, nor should he be

Fresh off of the timeout, Apodaca throws a bomb to Patrick Reed for the 36-yard touchdown

14-0 Lobos 1:36 left in the quarter

Another three and out. Laviano is really bad. This offensive line is not blocking. Grant is not getting in space. Terrible first quarter; still no first downs

Lamar Jordan takes the ball to the house for a 52-yard touchdown run

21-0 New Mexico...13 seconds left in the quarter

12:03 to 2:44 time of possession in favor of New Mexico

Jawaun Harris makes a BIG PLAY for the RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN for 75-yards. FINALLY!!

21-7 Lobos with three seconds remaining in the first

2nd Quarter

Rutgers finally gets a third-down stop the keep the momentum going their way. Hopefully we can score another 52 unanswered points

Janarion Grant gets the 13 yard catch for the Rutgers first down. Finally some ball movement from this offense

Robert Martin gets another first down and then Laviano makes an awful throw to slow the tempo down again.

Martin looks really good so far today as he gets another first down on a 15-yard rush. Rutgers is in the Red Zone


What a play, what a throw, what a catch. That is how you let play makers make plays

21-14 Lobos 9:38 left in the 2nd

The Lobos call their final timeout of the half with 6:52 remaining and stuck in a 3&6. The stadium is loud and the defense shuts New Mexico down

ROBERT MARTIN!!! Right up the middle for 80 yards and a RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN!!!

8 carries 124 yards on the day for a whopping 15.5 yards a carry

21-21 tied with 5:47 left in the half

Sebatian Joseph and Pinnix-Odrick get the sack on Apodaca. This team is rolling!

Rutgers had the ball after a Lobo punt at the New Mexico 37-yard line, and they end up having to punt.

With 1:20 left in the half, Rutgers makes a defensive stop to get the ball back before the half.

JANARION GRANT!! He does it again!!! 69 yard punt return for the RUTGERS TOUCHDOWN!!

28 unanswered points for the Scarlet Knights!

28-21 Rutgers with 1:04 left in the half

WIth eight seconds left in the half, the Lobos go for the touchdown but Rutgers goes up and gets the interception.

28-21 Rutgers at Halftime

3rd Quarter

Rutgers gets the ball to start the half, but Rutgers goes three and out

The Lobos are moving the ball on the ground. Tyrone Owens is powering through tackles for that extra yardage. This defense needs to make a stop before another momentum shift

Owens on the very next play fumbles the ball and Blessuan Austin gets the recovery for Rutgers and runs it back to their own 41 yard line

Laviano then throws the low ball to Harris for a Rutgers first down

Martin gets the ball on the ensuing drive and fumbles himself after picking up the first down. Luckily for us, Martin jumped back on top of it to keep possession

Rutgers is grounding and pounding on this drive as they move into the Red Zone. Martin and Josh Hicks are picking up those tough extra yards.

Laviano seems to have a lack of communication in the Red Zone as some bad throws have been made.

No touchdown this Red Zone trip, but points are points. David Bonagura nails the 41-yard Field Goal

31-21 Rutgers 7:11 left in the quarter

Kevin WIlkins gets the sack for Rutgers when the Lobos got the ball back. This defense looks settled

The play after Wilkins' sack, Quanzell Lambert gets a fumble recovery for the touchdown!

Under further review, the play is overturned, no fumble, no score. Still a great play for Rutgers' defense to force a 3&13

Laviano does not seem to be able to complete a pass today. He cannot even complete screen passes.

With 2:45 left in the quarter, Rutgers punts the ball away

The Third Quarter comes to an end with the Lobos in possession of the ball but Rutgers leading by 10

31-21 Scarlet Knights

4th Quarter

On the Rutgers 36 on 4&5 the Lobos are going for it. Apodaca completes the pass to the Rutgers 25-yard line.

New Mexico is now 2/3 on fourth down conversions this afternoon

Richard McQuarley gets a 22-yard touchdown on 3&7 to end Rutgers' scoring streak

31-28 with 12:06 remaining in the game

Laviano overthrew Grant on a fly route and then Grant gets no gain on the next play. On 3&10 Rutgers gets the ball to Martin who picks up the first down.

On 3&10 on the New Mexico 28, Laviano incompletes yet another screen pass. Now Chris Ash decides to punt the ball rather than try a 45-yard field goal, for some stupid reason

Luckily, Rutgers pins the ball at the 1-yard line. New Mexico is now going to need to drive the ball 99 yards down the field

Rutgers gets the three-and-out and the Lobos will be punting from within their end zone

With 7:45 left in the game, TCU transfer Zach Allen makes an appearance!

When they failed to convert on the third down conversion, New Mexico gets an unsportsmanlike penalty when they went after Janarion Grant. Gives Rutgers a fresh set of downs.

David Bonagura nails another field goal for the Scarlet Knights from 33 yards

34-28 Rutgers with 5:30 left to play

Pinnix-Odrick gets another sack on Apodaca putting the Lobos in a tough third down situation

With 4:04 left, Laviano gets back into the game

David Bonagura gets another chance at a field goal, this time from 28 yards. This one, like the others today, is good.

37-28 Rutgers with 3:05 left in the game

Lamar Jordan and the Lobos drive down the field on the Knights and get into the Red Zone

They cannot get into the end zone and have to attempt a field goal instead to make it a one possession game yet again.

The kick is NO GOOD! There is 43 seconds left and we got the ball back

Needless to say, this game is over