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Is Rutgers headed towards a two QB system?

NCAA Football: Howard at Rutgers Noah K. Murray-USA TODAY Sports

After essentially burning freshman Tylin Oden’s redshirt against Howard and naming Gio Rescigno as the backup, Chris Ash has tipped his hand on the quarterback situation.

Here’s where we currently stand:

  • Chris Laviano is the starter but his role is nothing more than a game manager
  • Zach Allen is simply a less-better version of Chris Laviano and is now a non-factor
  • Gio Rescigno is a much better runner but his arm needs work. This makes him a good change of pace QB
  • Tylin Oden is the fastest QB by far but needs to gain weight. Ash looks like he wants to get his feet wet since he will most likely battle for the starting job next year

Ash’s decisions make it seem like Chris Laviano is not the QB of the future and his job is not secure. Oden and Rescigno both posess athleticism that Laviano just doesn’t have. Ash knows exactly what he is going to get in Laviano. However, Rescigno and Oden have huge ceilings in this offense and can continue to get better. They are definitely not ready to be full-time starters but I would be surprised if they don’t see plenty of time this year.

Rutgers is not a great team, but they are much better than New Mexico and Ash should be able to have freedom with who he wants to try out at QB. Furthermore, Rutgers will probably be on the losing end of some blowouts this season which will give them more opportunities.

It almost seems like Laviano is holding the spot for them and incoming 2017 recruit John Lewis until they are ready next year.

As I said, Rescigno and Oden should see time against New Mexico and if they do play well, Ash will really have to think about running a two-QB system. If Rutgers can only play one QB for an entire game, Laviano is still the top option. However, Ash and offensive Drew Mehringer will not hesitate to try new things for the benefit of the team.

Laviano has said he would be fine with a multiple-QB system and right now, the most likely situation seems to be Rescigno getting some reps as a runner while Laviano takes the majority of snaps.

Now, my brain is hurting from all this controversy so let’s dream a little:

Screw is all, make Janarion Grant the starter

Here’s the bottom line: This is a very complicated situation that got even more messed up with Rescigno and Oden playing well against Howard. Honestly, if I’m Chris Ash, I just make Janarion Grant the full-time starting QB. He adds that elusive skill of being a lefty. Historically, some of the greatest QB’s ever were lefties. Michael Vick, Steve Young, Tim Tebow just to name a few. Additionally, Grant would probably be the first starting QB in history with both dreadlocks and grills.

He is only 5-10, but they say Super Bowl champion Russell Wilson is really 5-9, plus, height is just a number. Speaking of numbers, Janarion Grant wears #1. You know who else is #1? Hall-of-Famer Warren Moon, ever heard of him? How bout reigning NFL MVP Cam Newton? He’s pretty good.

Sure, Rutgers has tried variations of the wildcat, known as the “Wild Knight,” and it f*cking sucked. However, Those players weren’t Janarion Grant, the man who is one return away from breaking the B1G career record. Not too shabby. Good luck stopping the dread-headed duo of Janarion Grant and Josh Hicks. Keep Chopping and anything is possible.