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Another doubleheader: Rutgers-Maryland at Yankee Stadium

Let Vince McMahon try to top this one!

Roy DeBoer - used with permission

We’re giving up a home football game to play at Yankee Stadium?

Remember back in May when the discussion was about putting a RU game at The Stadium? No one - NO. ONE. - liked the idea.

Okay, there were 93 people who liked it. But today, Rutgers tweaked the issue and we have a whole different approach to this event.

Circle that date in 2017 when Rutgers does its second football-wrestling doubleheader, this time in the Bronx. This year’s Battle at the Birthplace on November 19 features Rutgers-Princeton in wrestling followed at night by Rutgers-Penn State on the gridiron. Next year, it’s all Maryland, all the time in a similar event.

“Never before has a doubleheader such as this taken place at a venue so iconic,” said Director of Athletics Patrick Hobbs. “We are thrilled to provide our fans this one-of-a-kind experience while enhancing the Big Ten brand in the world’s media capital. This is certain to be a very special day. We are thankful to the New York Yankees, the Big Ten Conference and the University of Maryland for helping to make it possible.”

Most people hate watching football at Yankee Stadium, complaining about sightlines and the distance from the field. It is yet to be seen where the wrestling mat will go for this event; my thought is right around home plate or the pitcher’s mound (sans hill) in order to get the most peope with the best views.

As for RU coaches, Scott Goodale is - as always - excited. "It is an incredible opportunity for our program to compete inside Yankee Stadium,” said Rutgers head wrestling coach Scott Goodale. “We are absolutely honored to wrestle inside one of the greatest cathedrals in all of sport. I don't think we ever envisioned this when we started here 10 years ago. This is significant not only for the Rutgers and Maryland programs, but for the sport of wrestling. We sincerely thank Pat Hobbs, the University of Maryland and the New York Yankees for making this wrestling milestone a reality."

Ticket information for the “Big Ten Battle in the Bronx” is still to be announced. Season ticket holders will receive priority consideration for the exclusive event, which will be included in season ticket packages.