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Chris Ash Postgame Press Conference

Coach Ash talks of the Scarlet Knights' Dominating Victory vs. Howard

The coaches show sportsmanship after the game
The coaches show sportsmanship after the game
Rich Schultz/Getty Images

Following a 14-0 putback to start the game, Rutgers destroyed Howard today 52-14 for Chris Ash's first victory as head coach of the Scarlet Knights. He recently spoke with the media regarding this game and what is to come next.

We even got a chance to see some of Defensive Coordinator Jay Niemann talk to the media following the victory too. They started off pitiful; they could not stop third down or tackle anybody. Luckily they improved later in the game.

Last but not least, Drew Mehringer, the Offensive Coordinator got a chance at the podium. The offense was lackluster to be nice during the first half with only 8:50 in time of possession. Then we went ahead and scored 52 unanswered points. Here is what the coach himself had to say about the day

The coaches, the players, and the fans are looking forward to New Mexico next week. Even Coach Ash referenced them as a "real team" in his press conference. Hopefully we can keep this momentum going into next week.